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How to Get Rid of Couch Bugs

There is probably nothing more relaxing than staying at home, watching TV, eating your snacks and sitting on your favorite couch. There is nothing wrong with that scene until you feel an itch in your body. It can get irritating if you feel more and more itchiness and little bites that can ruin your mood.

This can be caused by couch bugs; similar to bed bugs, they reside on your couch where they breed. Couch bugs can be harmless but there is no reason for them to thrive on your couch and ruin your mood. Couch bugs are small but can be seen with the naked eye, they can hide in recesses of the couch as well as inside it.

Getting rid of couch bugs does not mean that you will have to get rid of the whole couch as well. There are different methods you can do to remove their presence in the couch. Before you consider getting rid of the couch, you can follow these steps which can help in getting rid of the couch bugs that infests your house:

Vacuum them off the couch

Couch bugs are not hard to spot of they are out in the open, although they usually reside in the dark recesses of your couch which can be hard to spot. Even if you don’t have confirmed presence of the bugs in your couch, you should vacuum the couch in and out. Use the vacuum cleaner’s different attachments to go deep inside the crevices of your couch ensuring that every dirt or creature living in it will be sucked into oblivion.

Keep the food off the couch

It is pretty easy to get food on your couch especially if you are watching an in front of your television. Food particles can serve as nourishment for couch bugs and they will feast on this. Make sure that you clean the couch after you eat to avoid providing food to the couch bugs.

Kill them with steam

Aside from using a vacuum cleaner, you can also use a steam cleaner which provides enough heat and moisture to clean your couch and kill couch bugs that reside in your couch. Steam cleaner can be a costly investment so you should check for bug presence before you consider getting one. You don’t actually have to buy steam cleaners since you can rent it from establishments that offer them.

Perform general cleaning

If you are really decided to get rid of couch bugs once and for all you will have to go down and dirty. First is clear the area where the couch is located and use diatomaceous earth on the floor after you have vacuumed the couch and turn it over to make the bugs fall off. This substance should not be inhaled and it can take days before a result is produced but it can damage the exoskeleton of couch bugs causing them to die.

Hire an exterminator

If you have the budget to hire an exterminator, then by all means do so. Exterminators are experts in bug killing while preventing property damage and health hazards as long as the procedure is done right. Although it can be expensive so make sure that you follow the steps mentioned earlier and use this as last resort if the couch bugs are still giving you a headache.  Consider using online services such as to find the best exterminators in your area.

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