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How to Get Rid of Cowlicks

The hair is probably the part of the body that either requires less or great attention depending on the person that wears it. There are times that fixing the hair is a breeze especially with the array of hair products that can make your hair look like it came from a salon. There are times however that there are parts of the hair that can be stubborn and would just refuse to obey no matter how many times you comb it; this part is called a cowlick.

Cowlick is hair that naturally grows and due to the location in the scalp where it grew on, it could be hard to arrange. They can be hereditary, a trait passed on by parents to their unwilling children. This can look cute on kids by the way but it is a total nuisance to adults who have a specific way of styling their hair.

With tons of hair dressing products being sold in the market, problems with cowlick can be easily resolved. There are a number of other ways that you can perform to help tame this part of the hair and the following procedures can help you in doing just that:

A good stylist can help you out

There are hair cutters that would tend to just trim the cowlicks making the impression that they are not there since they are simply shorter. But what this does is prevent other parts of the hair to be styled properly. A good stylist can cut your hair which can compliment your cowlick rather than finding the easy way out.

Stylists often make flattering hair cuts that can put weight on the cowlick which in effect would flatten the cowlick as well. Stylists can teach you how to perform hair styling solutions that you can do yourself rather than visiting the stylist constantly.

Use hair styling products

There is literally tons of hair styling products that you can use to tame your cowlick. These products are cream, wax or gel. It should be applied after bathing and use the directions of the product when applying them. Make sure that you concentrate on the cowlick and applying the product on it while styling to get the desired effects.

Using hair styling products offer temporary solution to the problem but as long as you use it regularly you will be able to control the direction where your cowlicks grow. Furthermore, hair styling products should be properly used to make sure that it doesn’t damage your hair.

Hair styling products that you can use are hairsprays or mousse. They have varying effects that differ depending on the strength of the hair product.

Blow drying as a complement to hair styling products

Heat can help your hair to shine and become softer and this is exactly what blow drying does to your hair. After you apply a hair styling product, you can use a blow dryer to maximize the effect of the product. When styling it, make sure that you focus on the cowlick which guarantees that you will be able to tame it.

Identify the location of the cowlick

Cowlicks can grow in different parts of the hair and their stubbornness depends on the location where it grows. You should check where it is located and let your stylist identify what the best hair cut they can do to hide or tame your cowlick.

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