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How to Get Rid of Coyotes

Homeowners usually worry about insect and small animal infestations that feed on different wastes in the house. There are rare times however, when larger animals invade our houses and can pose a threat to our property or worst to us. It may seem unnatural but there have been reports of animals bigger than dogs that trespass into hour house.

One type of animal that can get lost and accidentally go inside our houses is coyotes. Coyotes feed on smaller animals such as rabbits, mouse and squirrels. These animals would usually be found in your backyard which tends to trespass in your houses. There are other factors that can invite coyotes to our houses.

There are several ways to prevent coyotes from entering your premises which reduces the risk of having them doing damage to your property. You can observe the following tips to prevent and get rid of coyotes in your house:

Put up a fence

Your backyard is an open invitation to a lot of animals which can run freely in it. The best way to discourage them from entering your house is by putting up a fence. A fence not only discourages coyotes but it will also prevent other animals from entering your house. Fence can be made of wood or other materials durable enough to deny entrance to your premises.

Fences should also run deep so as to prevent any small animals that can dig and make their way underground. These animals are easily distracted by fences and would discourage them from digging through any further.

Cover trash cans

Let’s face it, trash especially food leftovers attract pests and other animals. If you are to throw them in a trash can, you should cover it with a lid so that they won’t be able to reach it. You should also place food particles in a bag tied tightly before placing them inside the trash can.

Trash is collected on schedule and before the scheduled pick up, you should make sure that they are already out for collection. This way any smell that would attract animals can be prevented.

Get rid of pests

As what was mentioned earlier, coyotes feed on smaller animals such as rats and squirrels. These animals can go inside your yard which can attract coyotes as they are predatory animals that would feed on these pests. Clean up your place and you can hire exterminators if the pests are overwhelming that they tend to be out of control.

Set up sprinkler systems and motion sensing alarm

Nothing startles animals like a loud sound, when they are caught in surprise, they would flee immediately if they hear any sudden sound. If the motion detectors catch animals roaming around your yard, the alarm will sound and it will scare the animal wandering inside your house.

Call a wildlife expert

Coyotes can attack humans and you should be careful when dealing with them. They can be dangerous if not handled properly. If you plan to deal with them, prevention is the best that you can do. If in any case a coyote would be present in your yard, you should call animal welfare that will deal with them.

Animal wildlife expert has the capability to get rid of coyotes in your yard as they can set up traps or they have snares that can safely capture coyotes without harming them. Do not deal with coyotes directly and if they escape your yard, just contact wildlife experts so they can chase after it.  To find experts in your area, consider using sites such as

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