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How to Get Rid of Cracked Lips

Ever experienced trying to smile but you can’t since the longer your lips stretch the painful it becomes. This happens when your lips turn dry and you feel roughness on the lips itself. This condition is known as a person having cracked lips. Have you seen dried soil? You should see cracks on it. Dry lips also appear to be cracked, hence the name of the condition.

When you get cracked lips, it is very unsightly and aside from this it can be painful. There are some cases when that when the lips are stretched in an instant that it starts to bleed. There are several reasons why people get cracked lips. This includes extreme weather conditions, wind burn or sun burn. No matter what the cause is, the same results of having painful, cracked lips are the result.

To avoid making the condition worst, you should get rid of cracked lips. You need to identify the cause of the condition to make sure that you are able to apply the right type of medication to it. Having cracked lips is a great inconvenience and it should be treated the soonest possible time to avoid incurring further injuries. Here are some tips that can help you solve this problem:

Use lip balms that moisturizes the lips

Cracked lips is caused usually by the dryness of the lips, this is the reason why you need to apply moisture to it. Simply using water is not a solution since it dries up easily. So you will have to use products that can help you keep the lips moisturized for long periods of time. You can purchase lip balms that are mad of beeswax, cocoa or the very common petroleum jelly.

It doesn’t take just one application of these products to treat the condition since they will eventually dry up throughout the day. You will have to apply the lip balms several times during the entire duration of the day to keep your lips moisturized. Avoid balms that have menthol ingredients such as camphor and phenol as they will promote dryness of lips even more rather than act as a moisturizer.

Eat foods that are rich in minerals

You should eat foods that are rich in these specific minerals to keep your body hydrated. When your body is hydrated, this can prevent the condition where your lips dry up which can generally lead to cracked lips. If you are not aware what type of food you should take, consider eating dairy products as well as lots of grains and fresh water fish.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day

Speaking of hydrating your body, what better way to do this rather than drink the required amount of water per day. By drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, you make sure that your body weight has enough hydration that can last for the whole day. You can also stimulate the circulatory system which moisturizes the body tissues by drinking hot water as well as non herbal tea all throughout the day.

See a doctor

There are times that cracked lips are caused by other conditions that cannot be self treated. If you feel that you have tried performing all the steps to get rid of cracked lips, you should get a check up from a doctor to ensure that everything is in place and that you will be diagnosed properly.

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