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How to Get Rid of Cradle Cap

There are several things that you notice when a baby is born. First, is they really look fragile and there are a lot of their features that doesn’t seem to be normal. While some of these features will naturally change through the course of time, others need human intervention to treat the condition the baby has. One of this condition is a baby getting a cradle cap.

Cradle caps are the baby version of dandruff. They usually appear on the head of infants and may seem like a normal occurrence but in actuality, they can be removed. If you rough surfaces on the head which looks like dried skin, this is the cradle cap. You shouldn’t be worried if your baby has this since it is almost a normal occurrence and at the same time they are not dangerous.

Although they are not harmful, you should consider taking care of your baby’s scalp by removing the cradle cap since the condition can worsen. You should be very careful when dealing with this since the baby’s head is still fragile and they can be subjected to injury if not handled well. Take a look at some of the things that you can do to get rid of cradle caps:

Wash the scalp of the baby

The very first thing that you can do to get rid of cradle caps is by washing the scalp of your baby. As what was previously stated, the head of the baby is still fragile and if not handled well, they can get injured. The flakes that formed when you frequently wash your baby’s scalp will be removed easily since the oils that causes them to be produced will not accumulate.

When washing the scalp of the baby, there are instances that washing alone is not enough and you may need to use additional equipment to help you treat the condition. Use a baby brush that have soft bristles and brush the scalp of the baby. You should also use mild shampoo which would not irritate the condition of the skin that can possible make it worse.

Brush your baby’s head frequently

After washing your baby’s scalp and hair, you should brush it with a comb that has soft bristles to loosen the flakes that can be found on the scalp. Brush the head as often as you shower them as this will allow blood circulation in the head which will prevent production of the oil that causes the cradle cap.

Apply skin oil on the scalp

One of the reasons why the scalp gets flaky is that it is dry. You should apply moisturizing products to the hair to avoid this condition. Apply skin oil to the hair as this can help in moisturizing the scalp all throughout the day. Use oils such as baby oil or the borage oil which is becoming a popular solution for this type of problem.

Visit a professional

If the flakes caused by the cradle cap worsen, you should bring the baby to a doctor immediately. Since there may be cases that the flakes are stuck to the scalp and can leave a wound if it’s removed. If your baby experience redness and itchiness on their scalp, you should bring them to a doctor for an immediate check up of their condition. They will be able to diagnose the baby;s condition and provide the necessary prescription medicine.

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