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How to Get Rid of Crane Flies

There may be instances when you walk out of your yard and you see that your beautiful lawn has brown patches on it. Now this can be very upsetting especially if you have taken care of the lawn really well. You don’t suspect your plant growing abilities since you follow every rule there is so you try to find the culprit. And don’t be surprised if you find crane flies pestering your lawn and plants.

Crane flies are a type of insect that are slender and possesses long legs. The adult crane fly does not damage your plants but it is the larvae that will feed on it. Crane flies would feed on nectar or sometimes they would not eat at all. The same cannot be said with their larvae since it needs nutrients to grow up. A single crane fly larvae can barely damage the plants you have, the problem is that a lot of them exists.

Crane flies are not that hard to get rid of, they are not even a danger to humans. There are several things that you can do to make sure that their existence is halted. If you see brown patches on your lawn, expect to see crane flies on it if you take care of your plants really well. The methods of killing crane flies are as follows:

Install screen doors and windows

Crane flies do not do anything to harm human beings, but that doesn’t change the fact that they can still become a nuisance especially if a large number of their population enters your house. In this case, you should have screen doors and windows installed in your house. This will prevent insects from entering your house and wreaking havoc inside it.

A bug zapper will do the trick

Crane flies have the capability to fly and this is the reason why you should also consider placing a bug zapper near possible entry points in your house. Bug zappers are a type of electric appliance that emits electric current to any insect that comes close to it. The light emitted by the bug zapper can attract crane flies and other types of insects which acts like a bait for an easy kill.

Clean up your garden

There are plenty of ways crane fly can survive in your garden, but they need a place to stay in where they can breed and this is what you need to get rid of. You can deal with adult crane fly by using conventional methods but this won’t stop their eggs from hatching. The crane fly larvae can be found mostly on the ground, they can be covered by leaves and other plants. Because of this, you should try to rake the leaves that are scattered on the ground. There’s no place like home for crane flies that see dead foliage that can serve as a breeding ground. By removing these, you can control the population of the crane flies.

Use organic pesticides

A lot of people have a lot of beef against pesticides since they can damage the plants aside from performing their main purpose of killing insects. There are organic pesticides available which you can use to get rid of the larva. You can even make your own pesticide by using soap, garlic and oil which can also kill larvae effectively.

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