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How to Get Rid of Crayon Marks

Crayons are one of the primary tools used by children to express their imagination. The different colors of crayons inspire children to just draw and color away. Crayons are supposed to be used on paper but there are times when our children just gets too excited and use crayons on any surface that they see. Now this becomes a problem since crayon marks can stain your wall, clothes and other surface in your house.

if you have kids and you have equipped them with crayons, it’s like equipping a space marine with a laser gun mounted with a grenade launcher. Although not as destructive, crayons can leave explosion like colors on your wall if you leave your kids unchecked. You may even find crayon marks on your clothes and it can be frustrating just looking at it.

The good news though is that crayon marks can be removed. There are actually different ways to go about it depending on the surface where the crayon mark is. Crayon is usually made of wax and to get rid of them, you will need to use products that contain substances that can peel off the wax from the surface. To find out more about it, read on:

Use a water displacing spray product

There are different ways to remove crayon marks and one of them involves mixing up a water displacing spray product such as WD 40 and liquid soap. This combination is considered to be the best way to remove crayon marks on any surface. You can primarily use these on walls and other hard surfaces but be careful when using it to remove crayon marks on your clothes.

Try to scrape off as much excess crayon mark from the surface before applying the solution. What you need to do is simply apply the solution on the affected area and let it sit there for a few minutes. After that, simply wipe it off using a towel and see the crayon mark disappear. Just be careful when rubbing the crayon mark off the surface as excessive scrubbing will lead to fading of the surface’s color as well.

Separate affected clothes when washing them

If you are washing your clothes, you will need to make sure that the clothes that have been affected by crayon marks should be separated. If you mix them together with the other clothes, you can expect to see the stain on previously unaffected clothing. The process of separating the clothes may take a long time, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Use ice on chunks of crayon marks

If you happen to have crayon marks on any fabric, it would be a good idea to scrape off any chunks of crayon and then apply ice on it. By placing ice on the stained area, you make sure that the crayon is hardened and it would lessen the chance of the crayon mark spreading on the other parts of the fabric. The hardened chunks of crayon can be removed easily as well after you have applied ice to it.

When the problem gets on upholstery

It would be a nightmare to see your upholstery getting crayon marks but you should not fret since there is a solution for this as well. Blot out the excess crayon mark and be careful not to spread the stain. Use cleaning products and just use them according to the package instructions. Repeat the procedure until you notice the crayon mark fading.

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