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How to Get Rid of Crease in Shoes

Shoes are probably one of the most important piece of clothing that is often overlooked or under appreciated. Brand new shoes look really great, they are smooth and clean, you don’ t even want to try it on and use it because of these features. But once we get the hang of it, we probably won’t stop wearing our shoes. Now the problem sets in because this time, they are subject to being used and abused.

Because of the way we walk and several other factors, we tend to damage the shoes until it produces creases which is ugly to look at. Shoe creases are the wrinkles that you find on the top of your shoes and this is a normal occurrence especially if you use that shoe for long periods of time. The creases are especially visible on the part of the foot that bends when we walk or run.

If you notice crease in shoes, you should act on it immediately. The longer you leave it alone, the bigger the damage it can produce. Also, you don’t want to say goodbye to that shoe yet if it gets creases on it. There are several shoe saving methods that can be done to keep the shoes free from visible crease and here are some of the things that you can do to help you with this problem:

Shoe trees can prevent the creases from worsening

Have you ever seen those feet shaped molds that they place inside the shoes when they are on the store shelves? Those are called shoe trees; this product is placed inside the shoes so that they are still in perfect form even if you are not wearing them. Shoe trees also serve other purposes such as removing moisture from the shoes, which effectively removes the odor as well. The shoe trees will keep the shoes straightened so that the wrinkles will not be able to penetrate.

Keep your leather shoes moisturized

If you have leather shoes, the creases on it will be much worst. Since leather dries up really fast, it can make the surface flaky. Once it becomes flaky, the creases would set in. This is the reason why you need to polish your leather shoes every after use. Increasing the moisture on the leather would help lessen the chance of flaking.

Aside from keeping your shoes moisturized, shoe polish also provides protection to your shoes and you will be able to wipe away dust and other dirt that will cling on the shoes. Shoe polish is a mandatory cleaning item that should be used on leather shoes to prolong the life and beauty of leather shoes.

Use shoe stretching solution

Other products that you can use aside from shoe polish are shoe stretching solutions which you can purchase from online shoe specialty stores. The best way to apply shoe stretching solution is when a shoe tree is inserted on the shoes as it will stretch the shoes. Apply the solution when the shoes are on this state for maximum effect. Leave the solution overnight together with the shoe tree.

Own several pairs of shoes

The more you use your shoes, the more it is prone to having creases. This is the reason why you have to have different shoes for different functions. When you use your shoes minimally, the longer it will be preserved.

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