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How to Get Rid of Crepey Skin

When time catches up on every one of us, we notice several changes in our body. We feel fatigue more often and we catch our breath plenty of time as well. At the same time, we feel more experienced but there are just a lot of changes to keep up with that we need to adjust with these changes. Most of the changes that happen are visible physically such as getting crepey skin.

If you are wondering what crepey skin is, just look at the hands of older people. Their skin is wrinkled and a bit saggy. If you still can’t picture it, you can soak your hands in water for more than 20 minutes and you’ll notice the difference between how it looks and how your regular skin would look.

Although there is nothing that you can do to get rid of crepey skin since it is a natural occurrence, there are methods that you can try to make it less visible. Also, if you are not that old but you still see crepey skin, you should make sure that you don’t get this condition. Here are some of the tips that you can follow to get rid of crepey skin:

Change your diet to provide nutrients to the skin

The skin can dry easily and you should nourish it any way you can. The best way to provide nourishment to your skin is by the natural way. You should food that promotes hydration to your body. Fruits and vegetables come into mind when we talk about nutritious foods. Also, drink plenty of water or any fluids which can help moisturize the skin as well.

Use lotion and moisturizers

If you are on the right diet and you still want to improve how your skin would look, you would want to apply lotions and moisturizers. These products would also moisturize your skin and will protect it from dryness all throughout the day. Some of these products also contain Vitamin E which is essential in maintaining a healthy skin.

Also, you can follow different exfoliation treatment by using a super hydrating moisturizer. Moisturizing at this time is considered the best time to moisturize as the dermis is clean and will allow the moisturizer to penetrate the skin better making the treatment more effective.

Exfoliate the skin using different methods

By exfoliating the skin, you will be able to increase the cell turnover which would produce new layers of smooth skin. Use deep micro dermabrasion machines which will reveal the smoother skin underneath the initial layer of the skin. This will also help reduce imperfections such as freckles and age spots.

If you are 35 years old or older, increasing the cell turnover is very important since this is the stage in your life when crepey skin starts to develop. By performing treatments weekly, you will be able to shed dead skin which will reduce the visibility of dry flaky skin that causes crepey skin as well.

Consult your dermatologist

No one can identify skin condition and treatment better than a dermatologist. If you are having troubles with your skin, you should visit one immediately. Crepey skin comes in naturally for people who are of age but there are other circumstances that this condition appears to people who are still young. There may be underlying causes for this condition that a dermatologist should check for early detection and immediate prevention.

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