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How to Get Rid of Crickets

If there is one thing that we don’t want roaming around our house or within our property, it’s pests. Just the name of it implies trouble and can cause damage to our property. There are several pests that can be found in the house and one of them is crickets. You may imagine Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio as a helpful and reliable friend, but the truth can’t be any closer to that portrayal.

Crickets are loud insects, if that is the entire problem with them, we may be able let them slide. The problem is that they cause more trouble such as feeding on anything that they can get their hands on. Your clothes are not safe with them if they find their way to your cabinets or closets. They can also get in your kitchen and eat plastics and anything edible for them.

Because of these reasons, a lot of people loathe crickets. This is why they should be exterminated if their presence is found in your property. You can deal with these creatures yourself and they shouldn’t be any problem as long as you do the right procedures when dealing with them. To get you started, here’s a list of what you can do:

Use bug spray and other insecticides

For a typical household, there is only one thing that they use to deal with bugs and different types of insects. Bug sprays and insecticides are their weapon. Bug sprays can kill different kinds of insects and they are pretty convenient to use. Some precaution is necessary when you use them as they cause respiratory issues when they are accidentally inhaled.

When using a bug spray, make sure that you clear the room, don’t leave anyone, not even your pets, when you close the door of a room you just sprayed. Leave the room enclosed for about 20 minutes and allow the air to escape before entering. This should kill unwanted inhabitants in the room. Make sure that you clean up the bugs that you killed.

Use bait made for crickets

There are certain things that attracts cricket and you can lure them into baits which have the same characteristics that attracts the bug. These can be placed where you suspect cricket population is high. Just leave them in that area and watch the crickets eat the bait for the kill. The poison on the baits will take effect after a few minutes.

Like using bug spray, precaution is needed when dealing with baits as your pets or children would think that they are edible. The area where you place the bait should be free from the presence of humans or animals that you are taking care of.

Pest control or exterminators for the worst of problems

There are cases that crickets overwhelm your property and their population is just too much to handle. If this is the case, you should contact your local exterminator to deal with it. If you have an infestation, the damage to your property can be big and it can cost you a lot of money. By contacting an exterminator, you save time dealing with these bugs and they can also apply preventive procedures that will cricket proof your house or property. They have the right tools and set of skills required to deal with this problem without damaging your house.

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