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How to Get Rid of Dallisgrass

Dallas grass is a warm season grass that invades turf grass in Texas and Southeastern states. Dallas Grass is a native of South America and is introduced in the United States because of its value as forage plant. The grass was named after Mr. Dallis because he was a proponent of this particular plant around 1900.

They normally grow in bunches or clumps. Leaves are normally produced near the base of the plant that rises from a knotty base. Compared to Bermuda grass and turf grasses, the leaves of Dallas grass is coarser in texture. Usually after moving, Dallas grass leaves elongation much than that of the Bermuda grass turf. Some of us may want to get rid of them because they give damaging effects to the healthy lawn. Here are some of the following quick tips on how to get rid of Dallas grass:

Keep the lawn healthy and nourish it

If the lawn is healthy and completely nourished then it will prevent the Dallas grass from surviving. It is highly recommended to spread the fertilizer around the lawn for accurate results.  Be sure to invest into some fertilizer that is going to work for your climate, as well as your location.  It’s best to dig deeper online to see what will work for you.


Dallisgrass is annoying and ordinarily recurrent. It has a soft emerald color and lengthy, threadlike seed heads at the upper tip of each blade. Dallis fancy warm, damp soil and it matures quite rapidly, typically jutting over the on top what remains of the lawn. Seeds get distributed thus being careful while removing them is important particularly if the seeds are about to drop. Dallisgrass is hard to permanently eradicate.

You might be surprised but sugar should do the trick. Begin spreading sugar all over your lawn, to sustain the beneficial microbes’ nourishment. They enrich the soil. Weeds desire bad soil, and they do not prosper in rich soil. Make soil in your yard rich and weeds will die out. If it is sufficiently rich, dallisgrass will not even attempt to grow ever again.

Watering the grass regularly to improve drainage

Dallas grass thrives usually in moist areas. When aerating, the lawn will get rid of coils of soil and will eventually drain the water via the roots and it will keep the lawn healthy. By allowing the grass to dry thoroughly, you are actually preventing the Dallas grass from thriving. It will just eventually die.

Remove the stalk instantly before Dallas grass starts to establish

The Dallas grass seeds are very fertile so it is very important to remove the seeds as soon as they start to form. It is recommended that removing should be done every 4 days during summer.

Disposing the Dallas Grass carefully

If we try to get rid of the Dallas Grass, we have to dispose them properly in a garden bag. In this manner the plant’s seeds will have no chance to be spread over the lawn. Proper handling of the bag will not damage the areas across it.

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