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How to Get Rid of Damaged Hair

Hair is a filamentous material that grows from our follicles and is normally found in the dermis. In the human body, most of the interest is directed on hair growth, hair care and hair types. Hair comes in different shades namely red hair, black, brunette and blonde.

Most of the women today are very particular of what hairstyle they are going to have. For anyone having a damaged hair, basically it is not a fun or a good way to start your day. There are number of factors that contribute to damaged hair like hair coloring, excessive chemical treatments, overexposure to the sun and salt water. The following are the guides on how to get rid of damaged hair:

Applying intense conditioning treatment

It is best recommended to use deep conditioning treatment like hot oil treatment and intensive hair mask weekly. According to the experts, daily application of regular conditioners will not solve your damaged hair compared with using a deeper conditioning treatment. It will restore the shine and strength of your hair.

Cut the hair ends regularly

During the growing process of the hair, it is suggested to trim the ends regularly. One hair expert says that the best way to get rid of damaged hair is to trim them off. Split ends will continue to split until it breaks off resulting to uneven, dull and frizzy hair. It is better to get frequent small trims than waiting for several months before cutting your hair.

Limiting chemical treatment application

According to an expert, frequently exposing your hair to chemicals can make it prone to hair breakage. The damaged hair is already considered weak and that makes the hair dry. If frequent exposure to chemicals persists, it will worsen the problem.  You’re going to want to avoid putting more chemicals in your hair such as gels, mousse and other products.  Damaged hair isn’t going to disappear overnight, but rather it’s going to take months.

Rubbing essential oil to the damaged hair

Essential oil are said to give some beneficial effects on the damaged hair by improving its texture. The essential oil will aid in adding up moisture in the affected hair and will keep new hair healthy.

Applying hair vitamins into the hair

Hair vitamins aid to stabilize the breakage by filing in the thin and torn areas of the hair shaft, thus enhancing hair elasticity and minimize the damage.   There are many vitamins online that you can look into.  With vitamins such as these, you will find that your results are going to greatly vary.

Don’t dry your hair with a towel

Out of habit, many tend to rub their hair with a towel once they get out of the shower.  Instead of rubbing your hair dry with a towel, consider using a smaller towel to squeeze the water out of your hair.

Watch your diet

Your diet is going to reflect a lot when it comes down to your hair.  One of the main ingredients that you’re going to want to include is protein.  Also, be sure to avoid foods that are high in sugars and fats.  Eat as many fresh vegetables and fruit that you can to ensure natural hair growth.  It also doesn’t hurt to take a daily vitamin.

Whether straight, wavy or curly hair worn long, short or someplace in the middle, healthy hair is most fashionable. Hair gets damaged with excessive chemical treatments, such as hair dye, perms, too much sun or sea water exposure, or use of heated styling devices like hair pressers and blow dryers. Damage means split ends, arid, frizzy or rigid hair and breakage. Once the harm is done, you may be left with no means to rejuvenate it.

To get rid of damaged hair, be on a well-balanced and nutritious diet. This means eating lots of fruits and vegetables for they have all the vitamins and minerals that let you grow damaged locks of hair out. Eat foods that are rich in protein and avoid the ones high in sugars, fats and preservatives. These overtax your immune system and decelerate your tresses growth rate.

  1. Hernita Said,

    Hair getting damaged is becoming a great threat to people now a days due to many reasons like pollution, lack of care etc. There are some preventive measures that if we follow can get rid of the Hair damage. Firstly we should hair bath at least thrice in a week which removes the dust on our hair and doesn’t allow it to settle. Second we should check what kind of shampoo’s are we using do they harm our hair or do they really work. Lastly don’t make yourself get exposed to pollution, make sure that some how or the other try to protect your hair from sun’s heat and pollution.

  2. Punet Said,

    Hair damage only due to daily use of shampoo and conditioner .use shampoo once a week and should be good quality . thoroughly have vitamin in your diet as its deficiency is major cause of hair damage. Also don’t be depressed or take any kind of tension

  3. NV Said,

    First thing is one must oil his or her hair regularly and must not leave the hair to dry for more days.They must clean the hair with good shampoo at regular intervals.After shampoo they must apply conditioner to prevent dryness of the can take foods that contains iron vitamins regularly to prevent hair fall and hair damages.

  4. Benjamin L Said,

    To get rid of the damaged hair is not so simple, but a lot of trial and error is included. First of all, I would advise to change shampoo once the bottle is finished. It is not good to use the same brand always. If you feel the hair not so clean or worse than before, definitely do not use that brand. Also, you can ask in beauty salons what brands they recommend for your damage. And the best way to continue taking care of it, is to have a haircut and to use hair treatments after that.

  5. Denise@HairSalon Said,

    The Damage occurs mainly on account of dryness,it is in the sense lack of oil in hair.It is suggested to take oil massage twice in a week,also it is recommended to use Conditioner after applying shampoo which avoids hair damage.They may also occur due to the excessive Heat in the body,dust and unwanted germs which may affect the growth and lead to damage in hair.Its better to have a consult with Hair expert advice.

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