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How to Get Rid of Dandruff

Dandruff is visible particle of the skin that shed continuously from the scalp . It is normal that we shed some of our dead skin; however, dandruff implies that a greater number of dead cells are being shed compared to the normal process. They are in clumps and are big enough to be visible to the naked eye. It seems to be very embarrassing when one wearing black shirt and they will land on his clothing. Moreover, one will feel that the dandruff is a bit itchy.

What causes dandruff?

Dermatologists started to identify that the root cause of dandruff is a tiny fungus whom they call Malassezia. It is described as yeast that is located on the scalp. The above mentioned yeast normally feeds the natural grease of the skin that produces oleic acid. It triggers the increased turnover of skin cells that results to dandruff. The following are the easy ways on how to get rid of dandruff:

Refrain from using hair gels and other hair products

Hair gels and other hair products are believed to be one of the reasons of dandruff because it can irritate the scalp of a person. It is suggested that you quit from putting a lot of chemicals on your hair.  Instead, find products that help the scalp.    Look for shampoos that ingredients such as Zinc Pyrithione, Ketoconazole and Selenium Sulfide.  Another shampoo to look into are emu oils and conditioners.

Never scratch your scalp, massage in instead

When you shampoo your hair, massage the scalp and never scratch it. The experts have taken into consideration that those who have dandruff are those who scratch their hair.  They have notice that there are marks present among those who have dandruff.

Purchase shampoo in the market that contains tea tree oil

A research in Australia shows that it can help to get rid of dandruff by 41%. It can’t totally remove dandruff but it can help to lessen the number of flakes.  The best way to find a product that works for you is simply by looking at reviews online to see what has worked for others.  All products aren’t created equally!

As much as possible, refrain from dyeing your hair

Our scalp contains good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria that can be found in our scalp can prevent the growth of yeast and if you dye your hair, it can decrease the number of good bacteria. It will make your scalp more prone to dandruff.

Wash with apple cider vinegar

There are people out there that have found that rinsing their hair with apple cider vinegar prior to taking a shower.   The reason that this can help is based on the fact that it can correct the PH balance.  Continue to do this every few days each week.

Cedar Wood Oil

Do flakes and specks of dead skin cast off your scalp? Then you must be experiencing a dandruff problem. If you do not have any clue on what to do to do away with it, worry no more. For there exist countless means to divest yourself of dandruff.

Cedar wood is utilized as an antibacterial or fungicide. This is quite an effective solution to your dandruff dilemma as well. If you can acquire this type of oil, what’s left for you to do is to blend the oil of the Cedar wood with juniper and cypress in fifty millimeter of the carrier oil. Massage the mixture into your scalp thereafter and then let it sit for an hour. After the hour has passed, take the solution off through putting mild shampoo on your hair and rinse this with the use of warm water.

Let your hair dry naturally

Try and avoid drying your hair with a hair dryer.  If you’re going to use a hair dryer, you’re going to want to make sure that you hold it far away at a lower setting.  It’s best to just let your hair dry naturally, so that you’re not making your scalp even drier.

  1. Magisugu Said,

    when I was doing my under graduation, I suffered a lot from this itchy thing-dandruff. I tried a lot of anti dandruff shampoos and some other medicines, but nothing worked out. During a vacation, I visited my grandma’s house and it was she who provided a permanent solution to do away with dandruff. My aged angel advised to apply LEMON JUICE thirty minutes before I washed my hair. I was reluctant but decided to give a try. Believe me, it worked out greatly in my scalp and dandruff was completely removed. I still use lemon as the best remedy for dandruff. Thanks to my grandma!

  2. Gagan Said,

    The best method to gt rid off dandruff is to apply lemon(in the form of drops) to you scalp. It can be accompanied by the brand of oil you use regularly. Another good option can be a mixture of boric acid(powdered), coconut oil and lemon drops.

  3. Dan Said,

    I have followed some simple steps to get rid of Dandruff. At first, I visited a medical practitioner and get confirmed about Dandruff, and then ask methods to eliminate the propagation and remove the existing Dandruff. As he told, I drink much water and have a daily bath while using an anti dandruff shampoo twice a week. Always try to keep the head oiled with coconut oil and end of the day clean it off. With in two months of continuous simple treatment I managed to get rid of it completely.

  4. Autumn Said,

    I used to get dandruff badly, but Head and Shoulders shampoo works great to get rid of it! I do not even have to use it every day. I just use the shampoo every once in a while, and my head is not itchy anymore and I do not get white flakes. The shampoo washes my hair well and makes my head clean and fresh. It works extremely well!

  5. ra11 Said,

    Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp and its a common scalp disorder.To get rid of it,Regular washing your hair with ‘Herbal shampoos’ is the best medicine to control dandruff.Sometimes dandruff problem goes serious,in this case internal disorder can be the cause.For this body treatment may require,in this case you must contact your nearest Hair specialist doctor for the treatment.Dandruff shouldn’t be overlook as its also a type of disease which originates from your body.

  6. ajay Said,

    We can get rid of dandruff by using shampoos and hair treatments. wash the hair with shampoo at least twice a day. Treat the hair with proper treatment. Must be careful with treating hair. Hair treatment is also necessary and do not avoid it. Ayurveda is also a great way to get rid of the dandruff. Refer to some ayurvedic steps.

  7. sj Said,

    Dandruff is because of Changes of Whether only.Apply nature Alvera gel on our scalp directly & keep it till little dry then wash your hairs & scalp by using any natural product instead of it for once in a week.then dandruff will never come back.

  8. Vipin A Said,

    dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp.dandruff is sometimes caused by frequent exposure to extreme heat and cold.most cases of dandruff can be easily treated with specialized shampoos.those effected by dandruff find that it can cause social or self-esteem problems.treatment maybe important for both physiological and psychological reasons.shampoos use a combination of ingredients to control dandruff.salicylic acid is a beta hydroxyl acid keratinolytic agent that is useful in removing scaly hyperkeratotic skin.reduse the usage of oil in the hair.

  9. Ester Said,

    Dandruff is a problem affected by millions of people all over the world. Mostly it is seen as a contagious skin diseases affecting small kids to elders.It is a skin disease which is a fungal infection. Though we can control the disease with medicines in the form of shampoos upto an extent. Also there will be excess shedding of skin cells from the scalp which leaves whitish substance on the head, neck and neighboring parts of the body. Though it is caused by many reasons hormones, type of skin, fungus and other things. Even though it does not cause health risk there are some kind of mental torture by affecting this disease.|We can get rid of it using several types of shampoos available in the market. It is remedied commonly using several kinds of shampoos available from market, vinegar, lemon and certain other medicines. There are shampoos containing certain acids to treat Dandruff

  10. Ann Said,

    Dandruff can be an unpleasant scalp condition. It is a fairly common complaint where flakes can be found in the hair. They tend to be quite small and white in color. Causes of dandruff include stress, cold weathe

  11. Manny Said,

    I really suffered due to dandruff and got rid of it by working out certain tips I read from the books. I used to mix 1 egg with a cup of yogurt and apply the mixture on the scalp. It is to be washed off only after half an hour. I avoided spicy and greasy food, at the same time added more vegetables and fruits on the diet. I practiced massaging a mixture made out of boiling dried thyme and water on the scalp.This helped me a lot in getting rid of dandruff.

  12. james r Said,

    One can get rid of Dandruff by using hair oil. Mainly Dandruff is because of dryness, so oil can remove the dryness. You can put oil in the night before sleep and shampoo your head with some good anti Dandruff shampoo in the morning. In that way, you hairs will not be oily whole day and also your hairs will get proper treatment

  13. Danny Said,

    Dandruff is a problem that will reappear even, a day after the hair is washed. Dandruff appear because of the dry scalp, there is no permanent solution for this by using anti-dandruff shampoo. But there is a 100% possible way to get rid of it, through healthy diet. Before shampooing, for different wash use different methods, apply oil, message and then wash off. For the next wash use lime on the scalp and then wash-off. Likewise apply egg and wash-off. Take at least one fruit in the daily diet, which will cool the body and help reduce, heat in the body. Do this at least once in a week and get rid of dandruff completely .

  14. Henry Said,

    Dandruff is a common scalp disorder affecting almost half of the population at the pre-pubertal age and of any gender.The size and abundance of scales are heterogeneous from one site to another and over time… a days by looking advertisements they use to popularise the shampoos by taking actors and actresses in it, but they are doing wrong thing and as we know that some of those shampoos work good and some of those will not.

  15. Shipp Said,

    you can rid of Dandruff by applying henna.collect henna leaves or powder and egg white.make these two into paste form by adding black tea. keep this paste in an iron plate for at least 6 hours.then apply on your scalp. or take a half piece of lime then apply it on your scalp.

  16. Suk@HG Said,

    Dandruffs may be eliminated by applying concentrated lemon juice to hair . Apply on the scalp by working in the fingers. Keep the hair applied with lemon juice for about half an hour. Wash off using a good dandruff repellant shampoo and rinse hair. This treatment should be done once a fortnight to keep hair free of dandruff. dandruff presence on hair may be noted by whitish powder on hair strands. It is very important that combs should never be shared as it allows easy spread of dandruff.

  17. Martin a Said,

    There are some home remedies to get rid of dandruff instead of cosmetics. A teaspoon of fresh lime juice to wash hair at the last rinse. this removes stickiness in the hair and will prevent dandruff.Dandruff can also be removed by massaging the hair for half an hour with curd which has been kept in the open for three days..

  18. Megan G Said,

    Having dandruff on your hair is really a big nuisance. Hardly anyone can have the confidence to go out with the head filled with dandruff. Fortunately, getting rid of dandruff is not hard at all.In most cases, over the counter treatment will be enough to eliminate dandruff. There are two most common options you can use to get rid of dandruff at homeUsing cream is another effective way to get rid of dandruff. There are two main types of creams are effective in helping you removing the ugly white dust on your hair.Getting rid of dandruff is simple. Just head to the local drug store and ask for the shampoos and creams listed above. If using those treatments brings no effect, you should go to the doctor for more aggressive options.

  19. sandy Said,

    trust me!!!!!!!!!!!
    best solution is
    coconut oil + boric powder + lemon (make paste)
    massage at roots in night and wash in morning
    use 3-4 times……and see the diffrence.

What worked for you?

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