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How to Get Rid of Dark Elbows

Oftentimes, the elbows are neglected because women are very busy taking care of their face and arms. However it will be unnoticed until such time that the manifestation of dark elbow skin is already obvious. The most common causes of dark elbows are accumulation of dead skin cells, dry skin and friction cause by constant use. However, you don’t have to worry because the following are the tips on how to get rid of dark elbows:

Exfoliate the affected part

Before, you don’t pay attention with your elbows and now it is a good way to start. Scrub the elbows gently using an exfoliant. Pay attention to the elbows so you will be able to successfully improve its appearance. When scrubbing, you can use a loofah that can take away dead skin cells. You can do this alternately for about 30 seconds and after then, wash them off. You have to remember that exfoliation process is gradual and you can’t solve the problem in a day.

Moisturize the elbows with a deep moisturizer

After exfoliating the elbows, the next step is moisturizing the elbows. According to the experts, one factor that causes dark elbows is the fact that the elbows are deprived of moisture. We have to use deep moisturizer like shea butter or cocoa butter because they are said to be effective on this case.

Using a stronger substance for this matter

If you are not satisfied with lemon juice then you can buy special creams and lotions meant for this case. Go to your favorite store and ask around for the best remedy for dark elbows. The suggested product should be hydroquinone free. Before you get out of the house, apply some sunscreen protection and apply it ten minutes before departure.

Using coconut oil on the affected part

Coconut oil is known to have the most soothing ingredient to be used in the body. It is known as a natural bleacher besides the hydrating and cooling property of the oil. It is known to remove the dead skin cells of the body. More importantly, it is already proven to be effective.

Mustard Oil

Dark elbows are always unpleasant to look at. Specifically the ladies often hide them for their elbows can cause them humiliation. Elbows typically darken due to dead skin cells building up. Dirt, oil, and debris upsurge are other roots of this condition. Under certain circumstances, heredity also takes its toll. Gaining knowledge on ways to permanently do away with dark elbows needs a little research.

Who would have thought that mustard oil is effective in getting rid of dark elbows? This is a substance that can aid with skin healing and nourishment. The only thing that needs to be done is to rub mustard oil against the affected discolored portion until the substance is absorbed. Leave it for roughly 10 to 15 minutes, then you can rinse off the mustard with warm water thereafter. This can be a daily routine.

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