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How to Get Rid of Dead Mouse Smells

Let’s face it. There are really times that you really want to get rid of the mouse that keeps on roaming around your house. You have probably tried to set traps, mouse poison and just about any other ways to get rid of them. The problem with some of these ways, when your target dies and you didn’t notice earlier that it already died. The very first problem that you should think of is the awful smell that a dead mouse can bring to your place. And if you don’t fix the problem fast, you will have to endure the dreadful smell for a while.

Mouse smell can be tough to get rid of but it is definitely doable. Here are some of the ways that you can try to help you take away the mouse smell.

Find the source

As long as the dead mouse is still in the house, the smell will linger and it will be worse as the days go by. That would be probably 6 to 10 weeks or probably until the rat has rotten up to the bones. One day with this awful smell is bad enough so don’t let another day pass by. Just follow the smell and figure out how to remove the dead mouse. If you are quite unsure on what to do, you can hire professional people who can find the mouse for you.

Remove the mouse

Put on some latex gloves and try to find the mouse in the home.  Once you find the dead mouse, you’ll want to pick up the mouse and dispose of it in a plastic bag.  Once the mouse is gone, the smell is more than likely going to go away.  If you can’t find the mouse, there’s a good chance that it could be within the walls.  It may be best to call up a pest control company to help assist you with the problem.  Sites such as Service Magic can help you find the lowest quotes in your area.


When you have finally got rid of the dead mouse, you will notice that there is still that distinct and dreadful smell. You can try to use an ordinary onion to get rid of the smell. Just slice an onion in to two and put each half on a tray or plate with the half sliced side up. Put it on the area where the smell is really strong. Let it stay there for 24 hours. You will notice that the smell will slowly fade as the onion has already absorbed most of the odor.

Distilled vinegar

Vinegar is known to be an effective chemical to get rid of any kind of smell. This time, just pour some distilled vinegar in a bowl and let it sit overnight. If you notice that there is still some faint smell, replace the vinegar with a new one and let it sit there for another night.


Any air freshener or deodorizer will do the trick. There are a lot of odor eliminating products that are made available for you. You can use sprays, plug-ins and many more. You can also choose the kind of scent that you want. But it has been known that vanilla is very efficient in making the room smell-free and is very effective in leaving any awful smell.  A great product to try is Febreeze.

What worked for you?

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