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How to Get Rid of Dead Skin

In anatomy, it is known that our skin is the largest organ that we have. Our skin is so complex which consists of several layers. These layers have different functions. The outer layer is mostly for protection from external pathogens and the innermost layer is responsible for thermo-regulation processes. As a way to regenerate itself, it renews itself every 28 to 30 days—this is where your dead skin is involved.

Although our body sheds dead skin cells on its own, dead skin sometimes accumulates and this is when it becomes visible. A certain amount of dead skin cells is still needed as a protection but a build-up would act as a barrier to absorption of certain nutrients which we get when we apply lotion and creams. This can also result to white heads, black heads and acnes. So when you notice some dry skin build up, it is very good to make sure that you make time to remove them by exfoliating. Here are some of the simplest and effective exfoliants that you can use:

Loofa or sea sponge

You can use either one of these to scrub off all the dead skin cells on your body. With a balance between gentle massage and firm rubbing will do the trick. Do scrub your skin at least once a day every time you take a shower. Make this a part of your routine as this is very helpful in eliminating dead skin cells and accumulation of dirt.

Micordermabrasion scrub

This is a simple scrub that you can do at home. It’s as simple as mixing honey, baking soda, lemon and fine sugar granules. If you are wondering where you can find fine sugar granules, it’s just regular sugar that has been set on a blender for 30 seconds. To start the micordermabrasion scrub, wash you’re the area with warm water first then pat dry. Apply the cream on the area while gently massaging the surface of your skin using your fingertips. Maintain a balance between gentle massaging and firm rubbing to get the results that you want. Rubbing in circular motion helps in removing the dead skin faster.

If you don’t want to purchase a microdermabrasion scrub, you can create your own from home.  In order to make it at home, you can mix honey, baking soda, sugar, as well as lemon.  Place it in a blender and mix for around 20 seconds.  After the ingredients have been mixed, you’ll want to wash your face and towel dry your face afterwards.

Fruit peel

For this kind of exfoliant, you will just need honey, papaya and pineapple. You see, these two fruits have active substances called papain and bromelain. These can break up proteins which helps speed up the removal of your dead skin cells. It’s just simple as putting these two fruits in a blender and puree it until it smoothen out a bit. You can now add two tablespoons of honey. This would bind everything and also has a moisturizing effect of the mixture. Wash the area first before applying the mixture. Let it stay for about 5-7 minutes but if you have sensitive skin and you are applying this mixture on sensitive areas like your face, leave it for a minute or two only. After that, rinse with cold water then pat dry. Use a moisturizer afterwards.

Apply moisturizer on a daily basis

Make it a habit to apply moisturizer on a daily basis.  What you’re going to find is that this moisturizer is going to keep your skin healthy and moist, removing not only the dead skin cells, but preventing it as well.  It’s ideal to do it once a day after you take a shower, but doing it more than once a day doesn’t hurt either.

Place shea butter in gloves

Before you go to bed each and every night, rub your hands with shea butter.  After you place the butter on your hands, wear some latex gloves so that you can protect your skin while you sleep.  If you don’t have shea butter laying around, baby oil is another option to consider to keep your skin from cracking and drying.

Meet with a dermatologist

If you’re finding that you’re trying everything to get rid of your dry skin problem but nothing seems to work, then it may be ideal to meet with a professional dermatologist.  He/she will be able to recommend some prescribed products that can help with your skin conditions.  Every person is different when it comes to their skin, so it may be hard to pinpoint the exact problem.

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