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How to Get Rid of Deep Wrinkles

Wrinkles are generally connected to aging. The older we get, the more wrinkles we have. But aside of those extra years, our habitual facial expression, exposure to the sun, lack of water intake and other factors cause wrinkles, usually called as premature wrinkles. It is not easy to get rid of wrinkles but there are many ways to minimize it. Some opt for the cosmetic surgery and some just want to get rid of the wrinkles the natural way.

Prevention is better than cure

To minimize those facial lines, it is always better to watch out for the don’ts. Smoking, alcohol, unhealthy diet and exposure to sun are just a few causes of those unwanted wrinkles.  Wrinkles are inevitable, sooner or later, those lines will come out. Eat a healthy diet, drink lots of water and fruit juices, and don’t forget to moisturize. These will keep you skin better looking for a longer period of time.

Vitamin therapy

In treating wrinkles, you don’t take vitamins but you apply them on your face. Vitamin A Acid is available by prescription. It is not only widely used; it has a long track record of treating aging skin and fine lines. If you are using creams that have tretinoin in it, it usually causes skin peeling and redness, but will eventually fade until the skin gets used to it. Apha-hydroxy acid, also known as the fruit acid contains lactic acid and glycolic are safe and can cause only slight discomfort. However, it is said to produce very negligible results. Another type of regimen is a combination of A, C, E and beta-carotene called anti-oxidants. It has sunscreen protection and can cause slight elimination of fine wrinkles. Be careful of those regular moisturizers, if they don’t contain vitamins, they actually don’t do much to reduce those wrinkles.

Peel it off

Be careful of some peels, they don’t really make much of a difference at all. Those peels that use salicylic acid and trichloroacetic acid go deep into your skin and may produce better results. Those ingredients that go deeper into the skin can actually smooth the lines but the risks are greater. It can cause changes in the skin color and scars. Other procedures like microdermabrasion literally sand the skin with a device containing aluminum crystals. Products claiming microdermabrasion are just actually exfoliants and do not really reduce wrinkles.


One of the most popular ways of removing those unwanted wrinkles is cosmetic surgery. Dermabrasion, which is done using a general anesthesia, can produce the desired results. Remember, this must be done by an experienced professional and you must be cautious of permanent side effects like scars and changes in skin color. Other procedures are laser resurfacing, fractional resurfacing, plastic surgery and botox.  This procedure is not only FDA-approved, it can show wonderful results.  If going this route, you may need upwards of 10 treatments in order to see the results that you’re looking for.

Avoid certain things

Experts will tell you right now that you should avoid things such as smoking and even tanning beds.  These things not only cause wrinkles over time, it will look a lot worse than someone that doesn’t tan or smoke.  If you’re going to sunbathe outside, always make sure that you’re wearing some sort of sunscreen.

What worked for you?

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