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How to Get Rid of Deer Flies

Its summer time and you can feel the heat as the sun shines brightly. You decide to go for a jog and there they are, deer flies – annoying deer flies who follows you – around your head- then attacks you. They may be small but their bites can be really painful.

Deer flies have dark markings and their body is either tan or dark in color. They feed by sucking blood which can be severely painful and causes discomfort. More significantly, allergic reactions can develop.

So, how do we get rid of deer flies?

First, know the enemy

Deer flies are attracted to bodies of water. They love the sunny places and are also attracted to horses, cows and other livestock.  If you want to get rid of deer flies, these are the things you have to reduce or eliminate. If you have swimming pool or any bodies of water in your yard, get rid of it. Increase you shade since they will most likely avoid deeply shaded areas. You might also want to consider decreasing the number of livestock to also reduce their attention.

Secondly, protect yourself

Make sure to keep deer flies out of your home. Always close your doors and windows. Also, make sure your window screens don’t have any holes.

Buy an insect repellent. Though they will still be flying around you, at least you’ll be protected from possible bites.  Make sure that you buy the right one since some repellents doesn’t work on deer flies. If not, you can use scents such as garlic oil, Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil and Eucalyptus Oil. You can dab one of these oils in a piece of clothing you are wearing especially on the upper part where they are likely to attack.

It is also wise to cover yourself up. Wear long pants, socks and long sleeved shirts. Lastly, since they are always attacking the highest part of our body, its best to wear a hat with a wide brim.

Lastly, kill the enemy

Sticky fly strips can be used to trap and eventually kill deer flies. Place these sticky fly strips to your hat. Deer flies usually fly around your head before they finally attack and bite you. With this technique they will instead get stuck on the tape thus preventing them from biting you.

The blue cup trick

This particular trick was found online.  What you can do is attach a plastic cup to an antennae or a larger pole.  Be sure to color the solo cup blue as these flies are usually attracted to the color blue.  On this cup, apply something know as Tanglefoot, which can help attract the flies as well as make them stick to the cup.  Place this cup in the middle of your yard and what you’ll find is that they will stick to it and be drawn to it as well.  If you’re going to keep it out there, make sure that you change the cup on a daily basis if you’re in a field known to have a lot of these flies.

What worked for you?

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