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How to Get Rid of Deer in Your Garden

For many homeowners, any type of animals that can destroy their garden, plants and any type of shrubs is a no-no. Insects that are so small are even not welcome. So what do you think would be the verdict for big animals? It’s a big NO-NO. This article is for an animal that is big and can certainly be a big menace to your garden. I am talking about on how to get rid of deer in your garden.

There are many simple ways on how you can get rid of deer and how you can have a deer-proof garden. This may require some installation so you have to be very patient when doing this. Just remember that you are protecting your babies—your flower beds, plants, shrubs and trees. Here are some ways:

Dog hair

Yes, you got that right… DOG HAIR. This is one effective deer repellent and found proven by most of the smart homeowners. Just sprinkle some dog hair around the edges of the garden and within the vicinity where there are grown plants. It has been know that the deer can’t take the scent of it and can never get close enough to actually sniff it. If you have a pet dog, this won’t be a problem. Just pick up the excess hair or maybe it’s time for your dog to have a little trim. If you don’t have any dogs, you can just ask from your neighbors or any animal homes.


Since any kind of deer can surely jump very high, your fence should be at least 48 inches tall. For better results, add in some chicken wires. This will also keep other small animals such as rabbits and nearby garden pests.

Male human urine

This one is a very controversial method but seems to be very effective. Just get your husband, brother, nephews and other guy friends to urinate around your garden. This would also keep the deer away as they would not want to smell it… I mean, who does anyway?

Hot and spicy repellent

Mix water with Tabasco and out it in a spray bottle. Mix properly and spray it around your garden and other growing plants. Just the same thing, it keeps deer away because of the scent.

Deer Scram

This is a commercially made deer repellent. It is very effective and safe to use. This is an all-natural organic repellent that can be used even with nearby plants. This will not harm the deer but it would change the behavior of the deer. The moment they smell this repellent, they somehow smell a sense of danger and will eventually change its course of direction.

Hanging bars of soap

A old technique that has worked for gardeners is by hanging soap from trees.  Just take a bar of soap and hang it from the rope.  While some have said it hasn’t worked, many have said it has!  For whatever reason, deer tend to stay away from fruit trees and plants with soap around it.

Spray with hot sauce

Mix a little bit of hot sauce with water and spray the leaves of the plants that you know you won’t harm.  While the deer may attempt to eat the plant, once they take one bite, they won’t enjoy the hot sauce taste.  This works great on various gardening plants and trees.

Put in a scarecrow

Create a scarecrow that looks similar to a person.  What you can do it form a cross and throw the clothing over the boards to make it look like a person from behind.  Put reflective lights and tape on the boards so that it forms a reflection.  Deer tend to steer clear of things that they’re unfamiliar with.  There are even products on the market that will trigger upon motion.  These can send out lights, make sounds and more.

Liquid Fence

A product that tends to work for a lot of people is something called, “Liquid Fence.”  This product not only works on deer, but other animals such as rabbits.  Simply pour this liquid as if it were a fence.  It’s long lasting and is also rain resistant.

What worked for you?

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