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How to Get Rid of Deer Ticks

Ticks are similar to those of lice. They are small, pass different forms and also need blood meals. But don’t be deceive ticks are one of the leading carriers of disease to human beings. Their bites are not to be scared off but their saliva that has toxins, secretions or organisms. It is being transmitted through their bite which causes the disease or illness. Over 800 species of ticks throughout the world but there are only two families of ticks. One is which Ixodidae (hard ticks) and Argasidae (soft ticks).

Deer Ticks also known as the black-legged ticks is common to the eastern part of North America. They are part of the family Ixodidae: Ixodes scapularis (formerly Ixodes dammini). They are known for spreading Lyme disease (human anaplasmosis and babesiosis). The early symptoms may cause fever, headache, fatigue and circular rash that we can mistakenly see it as a normal thing. But when these are left untreated, it may involve joints, heart and central nervous system.

We have several tips to be safe from this.

Prevent from having them in the first place

First, before going out especially during September to October when ticks are active, you have to:

Get rid of them

If you already have acquired them, relax. Not all ticks are infected but still take precautions and be quick in removing them. Follow these steps on how to remove them.

Be sure that you’re well aware of the risks that these deer ticks can carry.  These ticks can be harmless, but for those that have pets, always make sure that you get a vet checkup to ensure that your pets are free and clear of these ticks.

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