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How to Get Rid of Deer

If you ever seen the movie, Bambi, you will never want to get rid of any kind of deer. They are very shy and spend almost all of their time on the outlines of tree stands and forests. However, if that deer is already becoming a nuisance to you, you have every right to make sure that they don’t do near your space.

Here are some of the simple ways of preventing them from going near your area. You just have to take note that getting rid of them may be very challenging because there will always be forest nearby. That means they will always have a source of food for survival. That means, they can still breed and multiply in number.

“Great wall” on your lawn

Yes, it can be as simple as putting on a well-structured fence. When you opt to have a fence to get rid of deer, you have to make sure that the deer won’t be able to jump over it. Note that they can jump really high so the fence that you would have to set up is roughly at 10 feet high. It is better that you have at least a foot under the ground—this means that you have a good foundation for this high fence. You can also consider installing an electric fence. Just be careful and warn everybody else with the set up that you currently have especially kids.

Set traps and protect you plants

Watch your food

Deer are coming to your property for one reason and that is because there is food laying around your yard.  Take a good look at your yard and figure out what they are eating as well as why they are coming to your yard.  By taking the food source away not only will they avoid your property, they probably won’t be coming back any time soon.

Scatter hair

Deer hate the smell of humans and if they smell humans nearby, they will more than likely scatter away.  If possible, take some human hair and scatter it throughout the yard.  What you’ll find is that as long as they aren’t used to human interaction, this can work rather well.

Deer repellents

There are many different types of deer repellents on the market.  They can be in the form of an electronic repellent or it can be used at a contact repellent.  Whenever a deer walks by this type of device, the repellent can either make a quick beep or sound or even spray a liquid repellent to stop them from eating the plants.

What worked for you?

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