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How to Get Rid of Dehydrated Skin

The skin is our primary defense against our microscopic enemies found everywhere in the environment.  It is a tough and special membrane acting like our own bodies’ Great Wall of China; keeping away unwanted and unnecessary substances.  However, our skin is faced with tremendous challenges and stress, especially in keeping itself well hydrated.  Environmental heat, mainly coming from the sun, our normal body heat and even our fluid intake are the primary factors that influence the hydration status of the skin.  In order to keep this organ to function at its best, the factors mentioned above must be kept in a well-balanced state.

Increase Intake of Water

The cause of skin dehydration greatly varies, depending on the specific situation that the person is in at this point.  Whatever is the cause of this type of dehydration problem may be, increasing intake of water is the best solution, plus, it is very easy to do and unarguably cheap.  The main crisis in skin dehydration is basically the lack of water to adequately supply the skin in order for it to maintain its integrity.  So, if water is lacking, you just have to supply your body with more fluids to solve the problem.

Limit taking a bath

Frequently washing your whole body with the bath soap that you use every day will eventually dry out your skin.  Most bath soaps that are sold in the market nowadays contain alkali sodium.  When this substance is not properly washed off or is being deposited on the skin, it interrupts the organs’ ability to hold water within its tissues; it allows water to evaporate more quickly, thus leaving your skin dry and dehydrated.  However, certain moisturizing soaps are also sold in most department stores that do not contain alkali sodium and are actually promoting moisture accumulation on the skin.  So, if you have one of these moisturizing soaps, you can take as many baths as you want throughout the day, without jeopardizing your skin’s integrity.

Use skin care products

If you are a person who is always under the heat of the sun, like an athlete or construction worker, keeping a bottle of lotion in your bag is a great thing to do.  However, it is important to know that not all lotions protect your skin from getting dry.  If you are in the supermarket, try looking for a product that has a moisturizing effect and at the same time has a high SPF protection.  Moisturizing lotions have substances that trap water on your skin, preventing it from being evaporated into the air.  Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is number that indicates a product’s efficacy in screening out ultraviolet radiation from the sun; the higher the SPF number is, the more effective it is in reflecting radiation away from your skin.  A toner may help by entrapping more moisture on the skin.  In spite of all these wonderful effects of skin care products, you must also be vigilant in certain materials mixed in them that may cause further drying of the skin, like acetone and alkali sodium.

Stop smoking and avoid coffee

Coffee and cigarette have a common mechanism of action that promotes and worsens skin dehydration.  Coffee contains the substance called caffeine, while cigarettes contain nicotine, which are known vasoconstrictors (substances that have the ability to decrease the diameter of a blood vessel.  Vasoconstriction interferes with the blood’s function to deliver oxygen, nutrients and fluid into the different parts of the body, as a result, lesser areas will be supplied with the mentioned vital matters, including the skin.

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