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How to Get Rid of Dehydration Headaches

The lack of water inside the body causes a chain of physiologic mechanisms in an attempt to maintain equilibrium.  However, some of these physiologic processes may become irritating or uncomfortable to the person involved.

When the brain receives lesser oxygen due to fluid loss in the blood vessels, it activates a process called anaerobic metabolism, which creates cellular energy without the use of essential gas.  This process produces a by-product called lactic acid that is released in the surrounding tissues.  Once this substance comes in contact with the nerves, it creates a painful stimulus, thus headache due to dehydration is felt.  There are numerous ways on how to get rid of this dehydration headache.

Establish the cause

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that the origin of the headache is dehydration.  You don’t want to make a mistake in managing this pain by just assuming that its etiology is a fluid loss.  There are other numerous causes of a headache, but the one due to dehydration has other accompanying symptoms.  If your headache comes along with decreased blood pressure, sunken eyeballs, above the usual heart rate and respiratory rate, decreased skin elasticity plus weakness and dizziness, then it is more than a hundred percent that you have dehydration headache.

Drink lots of water

Since you found out that the main reason for your headache is the inadequate amount of fluid, the best thing you can do is to replace the fluid which you lost.  Water is the best fluid that you can drink to fill out those missing fluid volumes.  Aside from intravenous fluid administration, ingesting water via the oral route is the best way to replenish what was lost.  In fact, drinking large volumes of water is the first line medical management for dehydration.  If your headache, including the other symptoms mentioned disappears, you can resume your normal daily activities in a jiffy.

Energy drinks can help

Fluid loss is accompanied with depletion of electrolytes, which is why replacing these substances is very essential to prevent the development of a complication that is far worse that headache.  Electrolytes are particles that play important roles in the proper functioning of your muscles and nerves.  To replace the lost electrolytes is easily done by just drinking energy drinks because they contain numerous amounts of it.

Avoid other liquids

It is true that fluids cure the headache cause by dehydration, however there are certain drinks that could aggravate the condition; coffee, cola and tea are the three most common examples.  These three drinks cause dieresis (increases urination).  Once process dieresis is activated, the urinary system is obligated to extract large amounts of fluid from the blood to be excreted as urine.  As a result, there is a further decrease in the fluid inside your body, which worsens the situation.

Take pain relievers

Whenever pain is felt at any part of the body, the most important thing to do is to alleviate it.  Ibuprofen is said to be the most effective one when it comes to headaches.  This pill interferes which the production of a pain mediator inside the body that is why sting is being prevented from sensed.  However, ibuprofen is only advised for mild to moderate pain that is why if you experience severe pain, prompt consultation with your physician is recommended.

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