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How To Get Rid of Dents In Carpet

If you have a carpet at home, you might have encountered seeing dents on it when you move around your furniture. These carpet dents, although they may seem simple, make your carpet look quite irregular. The thing is that carpet dents are not quite easy to fix. Running your fingers to make them fluffy again is not really that effective. In fact, you can even end up damaging it more. So how can you effectively get rid of these unwanted carpet dents? Here are some things you can follow.

Make it fluff

Although in most cases, simply using fingers to fix carpet dents do not work well, it is still the first method you can attempt especially if the dent was only due to a temporary furniture placement. Just try to make the carpet dent fluff again with your finger tips.

The ice cube trick

Most people rely on ice cubes for fixing carpet dents. Just get some ice and rub it on the dent area or leave the cubes as is and let them melt. Make sure that all the ice cubes you will put will be absorbed by the carpet. If the ice cubes are too much, it might leave your carpet drippy.

The ice cube trick is recommended to be done overnight. This way, the carpet will have enough time to absorb the melting ice. Also, doing this during day time might be quite a bit messy because people will usually come across the carpet and might even step on your ice cubes.

Use an iron

Another effective method of getting rid of carpet dents is to use an iron. This carpet dent removal method requires damp cloth and iron. Just lay the damp cloth over the carpet dent. Lightly run your iron on the top of the damp cloth. Through this method, steam will be formed and the air will push the carpet fibers upward. When using this method, be extra careful as the iron can make or break your carpet.

Utilize your blow dryer

You can use your blow dryer in order to bring back the old form of your carpet. Use a damp towel to make the carpet a little damp or fill a water sprayer with water and spray some on the dent area. Then you can use the blow dryer until it dries. This will make the carpet fibers to become more manageable.

Scrape it with fork

After the ice cube, iron or blow dryer trick has been done; you can get a fork to scrape the carpet fibers with. The fork will help to scratch the fibers into their upright position. However, be careful when using fork as if it gets too hard, you can expect a bigger damage on your carpet.

Get some carpet coasters

Carpet coasters help elevate heavy furniture that are placed on carpet. They are cheap and can help prevent carpet dents. If you do not want to encounter carpet dents, then you can get some carpet coasters.

There are many methods that people use to get rid of carpet dents. But remember to choose the proper method that will best work for your carpet. Remember, carpets are made out of different materials and there are different corresponding treatments for each kind. So in order to know the best carpet dent removal method, you can inquire about your carpet materials first.

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