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How To Get Rid of Dents

Automobile owners are often baffled when their cars hit another thing.  Of course, if you paid  big cash to get a car in a great condition complete with a shiny paint job and finishers, who wouldn’t be mad if it was bumped and received a nice big dent?  Dents not only make your automobile uglier, if it is severe enough, dents could also impact the performance of your vehicle.  Nobody wants dents on their cars.

Did you bump your car recently?  Did this occurrence leave a dent on your car? So you ask yourself, how do you get rid of dents? Fixing deformed metal is not an easy task. You could say it is the same as acne breakout on your face, but unlike pimples, the dents on cars will not go away by themselves. Here are some tips to make that car look like its brand, spanking new:

Use the friendly plunger

If the dent isn’t as large as 6-8 inches or more, try a toilet plunger.  It will save lots of money and shorten your problem by a mile. It is one of the easiest ways to get rid of that stubborn fender bender. It will save the trouble and time to take your car to the body shop. Not to mention that it’s a solution that can be found in your household so it keeps the ruckus to a minimum. Be careful not to overdo, though. If the plunger trick doesn’t work, it is better to stop and seek a professional’s help.

Use the power of the ice

When your good all-around plunger fails, it’s time to pull out the big guns. Believe it or not, dry ice is a way to remove that unwanted deformation on your vehicle. Apply it for a few seconds and watch how it removes the dent. Don’t forget to wear protective gloves. The ice works wonders 67% of the time and like the plunger, saves you money on your car insurance and the dreaded body shop. Just be sure the dent isn’t severe before you use this method. Immediately stop if it shows no signs of removing the dent.

Use your wife’s hair dryer and air duster

Yes, you read that right. A hair dryer and an air duster will work wonders. Now, this is how it works.  Aim the hot air dryer over the dented area in order to warm the surface. Once it’s hot, spray it with the air duster. The combination of the heat coming from the dryer and cool air created by the air duster will create a suctioning effect. This effect could be strong enough to remove that stubborn dent you loathe so much.

Call the professional to get the job done

If do-it-yourself remedies do not work, then it’s time to call for help. Body shops are meant to help people like you with car problems, and dents are child’s play to these guys. But unlike the previous methods, this last option costs money. Then again, consider this.  By asking a professional, you can guarantee your car is in good hands and can get the job done 100% successful with zero mistakes. By the time the body shop removes your dent, you will be good to get back on the road and into whatever cruise you are doing. Just remember to drive carefully next time to avoid those undesirable dents on your car.

What worked for you?

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