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How To Get Rid Of Desert Rats

Home sanitation is key to better living. By doing this at least once a week, you will establish a clean and healthy environment for you and your family. Not to mention, promote the overall sanitation of your community. With home sanitation, everything becomes clean and trash never piles into one place for too long. Also, bugs and pests will also be flushed out or exterminated. Any harmful living things and rotting wastes are to be eliminated for the sake of health and better living. But mind you, what if some pests have a high survival rate? There are mosquitoes that can be taken care of with sprays, but there is one animal that takes several tries and a lot of effort to drive away from your clean-smelling sanctuary.

Desert rats, not like their names, are very versatile and persistent and they can survive in many areas other than just desert. They have high survival capabilities and may live in the walls of your hallways without you knowing it. They are also known as the “pack rat” or the ‘wood rat.” Not only will they infest your walls, but as the name suggests, these rodents love to collect and store food supplies behind your walls. These things will make homes of their own either inside your walls or right under home extensions like porches and decks. While it may seem tempting to use poison gas or something to rid yourself of these rodent vigilantes, it may do more harm than good. Not only will it make your hard-to-maintain home unsanitary and unlivable for hours, but it might also put you and your family in danger. Instead, here are less toxic ways to get rid of those pesky desert rats and turn your home into a living sanctuary once more.

Track them down

Rats always travel the same route. When you know you have desert rats in your home, the first thing you need to do is track them down. See where they go and linger most. This is when their habits will help you track them down, as desert rats rarely travel off their paths once they take them. That means you are one step ahead in catching those food-stealing rodents.

Outsmart the smart rats

Set up traps on the places you are sure the rats travel to. Live traps come in different sizes. These can be purchased on any pest control or hunting stores. They can cage a rat using trap doors. These traps vary, but a common one works by opening the trap door and setting the tripping mechanism. Crude, but effective.

Use bait

Once you perfect the trap you bought, it’s time to deploy it with the bait. These baits are food that rats usually like and take to their nesting grounds. Get food that would attract them. Chocolate and cheese are a good start, but if your rats tend to avoid them for one reason or another, try fresh fruits. Don’t forget to replace the bait after you’ve caught a rat or the food rots.

The waiting game

Once you set the traps, there’s not much you can do but wait for them to get caught. This could take days or even weeks. Check the traps daily and replace the necessary baits. After you’ve caught nearly all the rats in your house, take and release them to their natural habitat. Just make sure it’s not in your walls.

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