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How To Get Rid Of Diaper Rash

Does your child have many rashes on its baby bottom? Do you always feel sorry for the little baby because his diaper rash gives him an uncomfortable time? It is really heartbreaking to see a baby cry because of some sickness or disease. It is particularly difficult to deal with because the baby has no say to things around him yet. But when you see little spots of red rashes on his skin, you should attend to it right away. Diaper rash can give you child a very hard time. It is itchy and sometimes even painful. So if you do not want your poor kid to suffer from these rashes, you should treat it properly.

Diaper rash is actually a very common skin disease that attacks babies. They are caused by diapers, hence the name. Although most diapers are now being developed to become skin-friendly, they still have material contents that can inflict irritation to your baby. Babies particularly have sensitive skin that must be taken care of properly in order to avoid occurrence of diaper rash. But in case your baby already has the diaper rash, here are some simple tips that you can follow to get rid of it.

Consult the pediatrician

Before you start with the common home treatments for diaper rash, you should consult the pediatrician first. Remember that babies are not very strong individuals yet. Their body system is quite vulnerable to many diseases so, in order to be sure about your baby’s condition, you should take him to the pediatrician if you see diaper rashes growing on his skin. The professional doctor would know what is best for your child so to be guaranteed about your baby’s safety, schedule a check up with the pediatrician.

Ensure your baby’s proper hygiene

There are many things that can cause diaper rashes. Aside from sensitivity of the skin, it might develop because of some bacterial infection from the germs that have stuck on your baby’s skin. The number one thing you can do to ensure that your baby is safe from these germs and dirt that may be causing the diaper rash is to keep your baby clean at all times. If your baby has already wet his diaper, you should not wait until it becomes full. Change the diaper right away so that the bacteria from the urine will not have enough time to develop.

Switch to washcloth diapers

If the commercial diapers are really hurting your skin, you can either get an advice from the doctor about which diaper you can use, or better yet, you can switch to washcloth diapers. Washcloths are usually made of soft cotton that is quite comfy to the baby’s skin. Because it contains minimal chemicals, it does not aggravate diaper rash. If your child is currently having diaper rash, do not use the commercial diaper and temporarily switch to washcloth diapers until the rashes heal.

Apply diaper rash cream or ointment

There are creams and ointments for diaper rashes that are readily available in the market. You can get these at almost any drugstore or pharmacy or even the grocery store. But to get a trustworthy product, you can ask your doctor for advice. Usually, you just have to apply the medication to your baby’s skin and it will work by itself.

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