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How To Get Rid Of Diesel Smell

Diesel is one of the most common and useful types of fuel that is used almost every day. Because it is utilized by almost every household every day, it is quite normal for people to deal with the strong odor of diesel. If you get your hands on diesel, or something that has this fuel, the odor can easily stick to your hands, clothing, or it can easily evaporate and fill one room. Diesel smell is very much unpleasant. Moreover, it can cause illnesses such as headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting and the like. Inhaling the smell of diesel is very unhealthy, so if you have recently finish a task involving diesel and the fuel left you with unwanted odor, you should get rid of the diesel smell right away.

Getting rid of diesel smell can be tricky but not impossible. In fact, there are easy ways to get rid of diesel smell. However, not all the times, these methods work. It still depends on how strong the diesel is and what object the odor has attached it to. If you are removing diesel smell from your body, then all you need is wash up. If you are dealing with clothes, then you should just launder them. But if you are dealing with stained surfaces, then you may use to do a more intensive removal. Here are some more tips on how you can get rid of diesel smell.

Wash with lemon

If you are facing the problem of diesel smell on your hands, you can just wash your hands with lemon. First, slice a lemon into two. You can either squeeze the lemon to extract the juice and rub it on your hands, or you can just scrub your hands with the lemon wedge. Just make sure that your hands are covered with the lemon extract. Lemon is a very effective odor remover. Plus, it also leaves your skin healthier. Just wait for a few minutes until the lemon has finished working, and then, rinse your hands with laundry detergent soap and clean water. If the smell did not go away with just one washing, repeat the method again.

Pour some vinegar

When it is your clothing that has been affected with the diesel smell, what you can do is to soak the fabrics with vinegar and water solution. First, fill a basin or bucket with clean water until it is almost full. Then, add about 1 to 2 cups of vinegar, depending on how much water you are using. Then, place the cloth in the solution. Let it work for a couple of hours until you cannot smell the diesel anymore.

After most of the diesel smell has faded from the cloth, you can just launder it as you normally would. Wash the clothing and let it dry under the sun.

Use fabric conditioner

Another alternative to vinegar is the use of fabric conditioner. After you launder your cloth that smells like diesel, simply treat the fabric with fabric conditioner. The fabric conditioner will leave your cloth cleaner and fresher. Its smell will also improve. You can get fabric conditioner in almost any grocery store. Just follow the indications on how to use it properly.

Invite more air

If it is your house that smells like diesel, then you can just open up the windows and doors in your house in order to allow the air to circulate more freely. When this happens, the bad smell also will be pushed out of the room that has the diesel odor. You can also run an electric fan to remove the odor more quickly.

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