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How To Get Rid Of Digger Wasps

There are many kinds of pests and insects that may enter your home. Some are common and does not cause much bother while some can damage and wreck your house. One of the common types of house pests that you will encounter is ground digger wasps. This type of wasps will not really harm you but they enjoy causing chaos at your home. For example, these ground digger wasps got their name because they love to ruin your lawn and dig on the soil. Aside from the structural damage they bring, there are times when wasps can also hurt and string you. But that is only when you provoke them. Nevertheless, these insects are unwanted and must be gotten rid of quickly.

Controlling ground digger wasps can be a challenge. This is because you cannot just approach and pick them up one by one. They are very protective of their colony and they can sting you when they see you are posing as a threat to them. But even though they seem a bit challenging to deal with you must get rid of ground digger wasps to have a more comfortable and relaxing home. Here are some tips that you can follow to make that possible.

Find their nest

It is best to kill the digger wasps all at once. This is to ensure that no wasps will return and start a new colony. So the first thing you should do to get rid of digger wasps is to find where their lair is. You can simply go around your lot and pay attention to the ground. These digger wasps build their home by digging on the soil. So look out for holes and watch if there is any wasp entering or going out from it. Once you find the nest, you can now prepare to kill them.

Get digger wasp killers and nest plugs

Insecticides usually work effectively with digger wasps. You can get carbaryl, bendiocard or diazinon insecticides. One particularly popular brand is the Sevin Dust. Using the powder type of insecticide is better as liquid insecticide will soak up the ground and leave powerful chemicals. You should also get nest plugs that you will use to seal up the nest. Any round object that fits the entrance to the nest will also do.

Treat the nest with insecticide

Before you start your treatment, wait first until sunset comes. Digger wasps will usually come home at this time of the day. They will also be less aggressive as their energy will most probably have subsided by then. Before you go out for the kill, wear your protective gears. Wear long-sleeved top and pants. Masks, goggles and hand gloves are must-haves too. Digger wasps do not usually attack, but when you provoke them, they will try to fight.

Once you are all set, simply apply the insecticide all over the place and into the hole. Be sure to put an ample amount so you can be sure that it will work effectively. As soon as you pour over the insecticide, quickly seal the holes with the nest plug. Just take a trip back to your home and wait for the insecticide to work.

Check the nest

Come morning time, go back to the area and check the nest. Remove the nest plug and back away from the area. Watch if any wasp emerges again. If you think there are still remaining wasps, retreat the area with the insecticide the coming night again. Do this method over again until they all die.

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