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How To Get Rid Of Dizziness

Are you feeling dizzy? Does it seem like you’re surrounding is spinning and you just feel sick? Dizziness is a condition that makes you feel queasy and woozy. It is also known as vertigo. When dizziness attacks, you can expect a hard time coping up with the discomfort that it brings. Dizziness is actually not an illness itself, but it can be caused by a variety of many underlying diseases. While dizziness is common and is sometimes just a random dizzy spell attack, it should not be ignored as it may become more serious overtime. When you feel dizzy, it is best that you do something to treat it.

Dizziness can hinder you from doing your daily tasks. It is particularly bothersome especially if you need to accomplish something and then you suddenly feel the nausea brought about by dizziness. ON the brighter side, putting a stop to dizziness is actually not too difficult. You do not even have to take medications or go to the doctor every time you experience it. Sometimes, a good sleep is enough to fight it. Here are other ways that you can try to get rid of dizziness.

Move slowly and keep your focus

If you move rapidly, chances are you might even fall down when you are feeling dizzy. So it is best that you move slowly to find your equilibrium. Also, focusing your eyes in an inanimate object for a few minutes will help your body cope up with the dizziness that you are feeling.

Lie down and relax

When dizziness attacks and you feel like the room is spinning around, you will most likely be having a problem with your body’s balancing mechanisms. That is why you should immediately sit or lie down on your bed to relax. This will help your body become stable until the dizziness has subsided. If it is accompanied by headache or queasy stomach, you should close your eyes and take a nap. You will most likely feel better when you wake up.

Increase the oxygen in your body

Another common reason for dizziness is the lack of circulating oxygen inside the body. If this is the case and you find yourself gasping for air, try to relax and breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. This will regulate the circulation of oxygen in your organs. You can also drink some water as it water contains oxygen.

Eat iron-rich foods

A sudden change in blood circulation will also make you feel dizzy. Your blood flow is usually tampered with by the internal and external changes. Dizziness is also known to attack those who are anemic. TO cope up with these conditions, it is best that you enrich your blood with iron. So if you constantly feel dizzy, eat a lot of iron-rich foods like organ meat. Taking iron and other multivitamins supplements might also help you. In general, do not forget to follow a healthy diet by eating nutritious fruits and vegetables and avoiding non-nutritional snacks.

Take enough rest

Lack of rest and sleep will hinder your body to operate optimally. Usually, if you lack sleep, you will have an uncomfortable morning that may be caused by headache or dizzy spells. So be sure to sleep at least 6 hours to recharge your body.

Go for a checkup

If you are being attacked by dizziness almost every day, then there might already be something wrong with your health. Going to the doctor for a checkup should be your next step.

  1. Carole Heath Said,

    I woke up a few weeks ago with the room spinning round. I lie there for awhile but everytime i lifted my head from the pillow i felt sick and i was actually sick afterwards. I have had this problem once before it seems to happen when i go to bed very tired and go into a deep sleep. I am not a good sleeper anyway and i do sometimes suffer with migraine and a banging head at times. I ma due a medical checkup soon so i will mention this to the nurse but my doctor has said most of it is due to my migraine problems. As my blood pressure is very good perhaps it is just due to aging i am 65 years old now so it could be that as i have heard post menopausal women can get these type of problems unfortunately.

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