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How to Get Rid of Dog Gas

Our body has several ways to dispose of the waste it accumulates day in and day out. One of the most annoying things that another person may get rid of is flatulence or gas. Not only they stink, they linger long enough which can really get into our nerves. Unfortunately, this doesn’t just occur to the human body as our pets also get it, especially dogs.

Dog gas or flatulence is as annoying as human flatulence. What makes this worst is that when dogs feel that they have to release it, they will. Unlike humans who have the decency to at least move away from a crowd before releasing the gas. Depending on what the dog eats, the smell of flatulence can vary.

Fortunately, we don’t have to put up with such abomination and we can stand up against it and do what is right to make sure that dog gas is reduced or eliminated. There are several ways to go about it and the following can greatly help you in getting rid of dog gas:

Have your dog checked up

A visit to the vet is probably the best way to get rid of dog gas. A vet will be able to identify the causes of the ailment based on tests that they will perform to the dog. They would be able to prescribe medicines that can get rid of dog gas and they can suggest diet for dogs so that they will be able to eat the right type of food that can prevent gas accumulation.

This procedure will cost you so it would be better to have this done during your dog’s regular scheduled check up with the vet. Identifying the causes will help you find the best treatment rather than performing self medication to the dog.

Feed your dog wisely

Just like humans, what a dog eats has great effect on its body. Notice how different dogs smell based on what they eat? Table food for dogs will greatly encourage flatulence and will emit a fouler odor.

High quality dog food is formulated specifically for dog consumption that can improve the scent of the dog as well as reduce gas build up in the stomach. Avoid feeding your dog with dairy foods and beans as they also encourage gas build up.

There are several types of dog food available in the market. Make sure that your dog is introduced to the new brand slowly and do not mix them. The mixture can result in imbalance of nutrition which can increase gas in the dog’s body.

Do not over feed the dog

Over fed dogs will get upset stomachs that will result to flatulence. Make sure that you feed your dog with just the right amount of food. To be safe, follow the procedures provided by a vet or the instructions found in the dog food packaging.

Provide a peaceful surrounding

Do not rush the dog when they are eating. Ever felt your stomach full of air when you eat at a fast rate? Well gas enters the stomach when we do this and things are not different to other animals.

Make sure that your dog takes their time eating and do not disturb them. They will have a tendency to think that you are rushing them which leads to gas build up inside the stomach.

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