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How to Get Rid of Doves

Birds are considered to be the animal that has the most freedom. They can go anywhere since they can fly. A lot of people love watching birds, especially in the park. They would even feed them with bread crumbs or bird seeds. There are times however, when birds become a nuisance especially if they get in your houses. There are a lot of birds that does this, and one of them are doves.

Doves are known for their long uninterrupted ability to fly and they can get comfy to your place if you don’t do anything to get rid of them. They can get noisy and worst; they leave their feathers as well as fecal matters all over your place. Doves can also get tangled on electric or phone lines which is a great inconvenience as well.

There are suitable locations where doves can live and that are not your house. You need to do something to make sure that they don’t share your house with them. There are a number of ways to get rid of doves and here are some steps that can get you started:

You can go high tech

Technology has given us a lot of benefits and everywhere you look at, the results of technological breakthrough is pretty evident. If you are in an area where flocks of bird wouldn’t just leave your house alone, then you would need the help of a device that produces ultrasonic sound.

This device produces sound waves that cannot be heard by the human ear but the frequency will be like a bomb to doves and other birds. These devices can cover a lot of area and they are waterproof which makes them ideal for use outside.

Robots in disguise

Have you ever seen a house that has a fake owl sitting on a perch which makes you wonder what they are for? Well those are artificial owls that make hooting sounds. Owls are predatory birds which can scare off doves once they hear that hoot.

Artificial owls can be purchased from home improvement stores and they are considered to be the scarecrow of the backyard since they can scare off birds simply with their presence. Artificial owls will be mistaken for the real one which will deter any attempt to invade your house.

Eliminate food source

A bird flies and they have a wide view of everything below them. When they see food or water source in your yard, it is almost guaranteed that they are going to have a picnic in it. If you have open trash cans or pail of water outside better cover them or get rid of it.

Food source would attract all sorts of animals, not just doves. It can also invite smaller animals that would invite bigger predatory animals inside your premises which can cause damage to your property or it can even endanger your family.

Set up bird spikes and traps

Again, this is only applicable if you have severe dove problems in your area. Bird spikes and traps can be installed to prevent doves from coming over. There is a downside to this though since there is a tendency that the doves can get hurt in the process. Although putting this up may be necessary especially if doves are causing you headaches due to problems with leavings, feathers and potential disease carried by them.

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