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How to Get Rid of Dragonflies

You can probably classify insects into 2 categories; these are annoying and not annoying insects. Insects can be devastating forces that can be considered as pests if they attack in large numbers. There are different types of insects and some of them can be wonderful to look at. Take for example dragonflies. They are 2 winged insects that have multifaceted eyes.

Dragonflies are not considered as pests since the adults would even feed on mosquitoes. They would also feed on smaller insects that can be considered as nuisance. Adult dragonflies are harmless but young ones can sting nastily and at times can even cause itchy bumps. There are times that dragonflies can be considered as nuisance as well, especially if they gather in huge numbers.

If there is a large gathering of dragonflies, it is a good time to take action and get rid of them. They do not pose any threat and they can even be beneficial. This is the reason why you don’t have to get rid of all of them. To help you deal with dragonflies, you can follow the steps provided on the list stated below:

Determine the area where dragonfly breeds

Just like most insects, dragonflies have breeding grounds for their larvae. You will need to make sure that you check any area that can possibly harbor dragonfly larvae. You can check if there are any ponds nearby and see if the larvae are present there. You may be able to find larvae in containers that have stagnant water as well.

Once you have identified the areas where dragonflies breed, you need to find a way to get rid of that water. For example, containers that have water should be emptied. If these containers need to have water, refill them but make sure that you change it constantly. If the water has to stay there for a long time, you should try covering the container.

Catch dragonflies with a skimming net

If you watch closely how a dragonfly takes flight, you may have observed that they fly really fast but without getting a big momentum they are off in a slow start. As a matter of fact, you can catch a lot of dragonflies simply by using a skimming net. It may look like a scene from a cartoon show but it’s something that you need to consider since they actually work.

If there are a lot of dragonflies in the area, this can be an even easier job since you just have to swipe and watch the dragonflies get into your net. This is a cheaper way to capture dragonflies and what’s good about it is that you don’t have to eliminate the population of dragonflies in your property.

Look for an exterminator that can get rid of dragonflies

If there is a swarm of dragonflies in your area and you feel that you cannot handle it anymore, then it’s time to contact exterminators. You may have to talk to the exterminators and tell them that you don’t want the dragonflies to be exterminated completely since they do not do any harm to your property and they can even provide you benefits since they eat mosquitoes and other insects that are the real harm to you. Exterminators will often go for the kill but they have other options to get rid of dragonflies.  Don’t know of an exterminator?  No problem!  Use services such as to find a qualified expert in your area.

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