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How to Get Rid of Dried Blood

A lot of people are scared of blood, and they have a good reason why this is true. Blood should stay inside of the body. There is no need for blood to come out of the body since it is dangerous and it can kill you. Blood already looks scary when wet then wait until you get it to dry. Dried blood has an ominous presence and worst, they are hard to take out of a fabric or a surface.

Blood contains proteins which is called Hemoglobins. This is what carries the body’s supply of oxygen and carbon dioxide and this provides the color of blood. The protein in blood is what causes it to stick to things and stain it red. The longer the blood sits on a fabric, the more it coagulates; this is what makes it hard to remove dried blood.

As time passes, dried blood can be really hard to remove. When you get dried blood on any surface, it can become a potential headache. The only thing that you need to remember when you get dried blood in your clothes is to remove them immediately. If you didn’t notice the dried blood on your clothes and want to remove it, follow the procedures stated below:

Identify the type of surface the blood gets on

Remember that there are different surfaces where blood can get on and the treatment that you must provide differs depending on the surface. One treatment on a particular surface will or may not work on another surface. Before you proceed in cleaning the dried blood, make sure that you know the care instructions for that particular fabric to avoid damaging the surface further.

The way to remove dried blood from your clothing

Blood stains on your clothes can come from anything that has blood in it. From a piece of meat to yourself, these are the possible sources of blood that can get into your clothes. If you immediately notice that you get blood on your clothes, quickly attempt to get rid of it. The first thing that you need to do is to soak the fabric in cold water. After which, you should use detergents that have stain removal properties. Pour soap in the stain and rub it until it fades away. If you have white pieces of clothing, combine bleach and water and soak the fabric here for at least an hour.

If you are dealing with fabrics that are not made of silk, wool or linen, you can use ammonia and water. You can even use all around cleaning products such as window cleaner as most of them have ammonia.

Remove dried blood from carpet

You step on carpet almost every day, granted that you have some in your house. If you have carpet on your flooring, it is guaranteed that you get it dirty. If you are unlucky, chances are you will get blood on it and it will dry up. When this happens, you call the carpet cleaner and you pay big money. Here are some steps that you can do to avoid spending a lot in carpet cleaning.

Right after you get blood on the carpet, blot the liquid with paper towels to absorb the extra liquid from the carpet. Put laundry detergent on the stain and brush it, working from the outside towards the middle of the stain. Blot the liquid again and apply ammonia and blot once more. Rinse with water and take out the extra liquid until its gone.

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