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How to Get Rid of Drool Rash

Everything about a baby can be very sensitive. They need to be taken care of with gentleness and extra attention since they are unable to support themselves. For example, when carrying them, babies’ neck should be supported since it can limp and injure the baby. Another example that can worry parents is drool rash.

Drool rash usually happens when the baby starts teething. At this stage, any parent can tell you that babies drool like crazy. Unfortunately, the drool of the baby can cause the skin to become red and sensitive which can be a cause of scabbing. The excess saliva from the baby’s mouth can further complicate the matter since the more saliva the baby gets in their skin, the more sensitive it can get. Drool rash usually gets into the lips, cheeks, and neck of the baby.

Although drool rash is nothing to write home about, remember that a baby can be sensitive about it. A slight pain for an adult can bring a baby to tears and this is why drool rash should be treated immediately. To guide you through the process of treating drool rash, read on the following steps to get rid of this condition, improving your baby’s situation greatly:

Place a bib around the baby’s neck

One of the main causes of drool rash is the stagnancy of the saliva in the area of the cheek, lips or even in the chest area. When you place a bib around the baby’s neck, you will be able to wipe it off. It can also prevent drool from getting into the chest area, lowering the risk of getting drool rash on your chest. By wiping the face immediately, you prevent the drool from setting on the skin which can cause the nasty rash.

Rinse your baby’s face at least twice a day

The bacteria in the saliva are what usually cause the skin to become sensitive upon contact of the drool. This is the reason why you need to wipe and clean your baby’s face at least twice a day. The best time to wash your baby’s face is in the morning and at night. Since the baby has gentle skin, you don’t have to use soap or detergents. Just soak a soft towel in water and wipe your baby’s face with it. Use a soft dry towel and pat the skin of your baby to avoid rubbing the rashes which can be painful for the baby.

Use a hypoallergenic lotion

If you are not on the watch, you can still prevent your baby from getting drool rash. Applying protective lotion can help deter the drool. A hypoallergenic cream or lotion should be applied to areas that can be affected by the drool. The main function of the cream is that they provide a barrier between the skin and the drool. You can also apply the cream or lotion to the area where the rashes are as this will soothe the skin which can make the rashes go away faster than expected.

Contact a pediatrician

If you notice that all of the treatments you have done is not working, you should visit a pediatrician to get your baby checked. If the rash on your baby’s face seems to be itchy and painful, have the pediatrician of your baby check them up since this may be another condition.

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