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How to Get Rid of Drooling

It is guaranteed that once in your life, you awake with a pool of saliva on your pillow; thus causing an island like formation on any surface that it touches. This can be embarrassing all by yourself but there are times that it can happen in public. This is humiliation beyond anything that you can explain especially if you unexpectedly drool on a person that you are talking to.

Drooling is considered to be the excess production of saliva and the inability to keep the saliva in the mouth. If you have problems with swallowing, you can expect to be diagnosed with drooling as well. Although the most common concern of this condition is embarrassment, there are other risks involved when you are drooling. Drooling can lead to risks of inhaling saliva or fluids into the lungs.

These are the reasons why when you have this condition, it should be treated. If you are drooling while you are asleep or while you are awake, or worst, both; you will have to get rid of drooling altogether. The list of procedures below, can give you an insight on what to do when you get this type of condition:

Discover underlying causes that triggers the condition

If you are drooling and are seeking self treatment for this condition, you may find it coming back every now and then. This is when you would want to check with a doctor and see what they can do to make sure that there are no other causes of drooling. Treatment of drooling with the help of a doctor is the best way to get rid of the condition.

Have your children practice

Every child has a right to learn and some of the lessons in life can save them from guaranteed embarrassment. Children drool because oftentimes they forget to swallow simply because they do not know that they have to swallow. If your child has this problem then consult a specialist that can help them modify this type of behavior.

Breathe through your nose while you are sleeping

The only possible time that you may be permitted to drool is when you are sleeping. Since you are fast asleep, you don’t have any control over your breathing. You may be wondering how will you be able to breathe through your nose while you sleep, the simple answer is by breathing through the nose before you fall asleep. Clearing your nose if you have stuffy and runny nose should also help you breathe through the nose easier.

If your nasal passage is still restricted, you should visit a doctor for the ears, nose and throat. You can also tell them about the condition while they are on the process of checking out your drooling condition.

Sleep while lying back

Gravity can be our worst enemy, if we are falling off of a building or we sleep with our face down, you will find this statement true. If your face lies smack down on to the pillow, your saliva will flow and there is nothing you can do to stop it. This is the reason why you need to practice lying on your back while you sleep. Although it is not a hundred percent guaranteed, lying on your back while sleeping can lessen the chance of your saliva flowing down your mouth to the pillow.

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