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How to Get Rid of Dry Mouth

So you are talking to another person that you just met and the conversation starts off wonderfully. You suddenly see this person move a step backwards and see that their eyes are wandering off. You get the feeling that they don’t want to talk to you anymore and yet, you are the best looking person in the room. While you think of that, the person asked to be excused and you start wondering why? Well have you tried smelling your own breath? That may be the problem. Bad breath can leave you humiliated and you try to find out what is the cause to treat it.

Having dry mouth is one of the causes of bad breath. If you notice having cracked lips, sores and splits in the corner of the mouth, sore throat or if you have an altered sense of taste, you may be suffering under this condition. Dry mouth is often a result of the saliva thickening but there are other causes.

To avoid total embarrassment in front of different people, you may want to consider the procedures stated below to help you rid of dry mouth which leads to treatment of bad breath, or at least one of its causes. There are several things to try, but the simplest can be found here so it doesn’t complicate matters that would confuse you and waste your time as well:

Do not talk a lot and always bring drinking water

Whenever you attend a seminar or a training session, you always see the speaker with a bottle of water with them. The reason why they do this is to prevent their mouth from drying. You see, when you speak a lot, the saliva thickens. When it thickens, the mouth can go dry. A nice sip of water can prevent this from happening.

Speaking of drinking water, you should always drink ample amount of water per day. The minimum amount of water intake should not be less than 8 glasses to keep your body hydrated. Drinking water also helps promote healthier saliva which can prevent bad breath as well. As years go by, the body produces less saliva and you should drink plenty more water because of this.

Change your lifestyle

Your lifestyle can greatly affect your health. Answer this, who is likely to get disease in their liver and lungs, a person who drinks and smokes or a person who doesn’t? The answer can be pretty obvious. This is the reason why, if you smoke or drink alcoholic beverages often, you should lessen it or stop completely.

Smoking causes the mouth to dry up, cigarettes starve the mouth with oxygen which then leads to bacteria growing in large numbers. The pH level of your mouth will also increase and will dry up your oral tissues in the process. Basically, you improve your life by stopping all these activities and sticking with a healthy lifestyle.

Meanwhile, you may have notice after a night’s booze out, you feel thirsty the next morning. The reason is simple, alcoholic drinks can make you dehydrated. Recover by simply drinking lots of water to rehydrate.

A good oral hygiene will do the trick

Keeping your mouth clean and free from bacteria will improve its condition and will prevent your mouth from drying up. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and use mouthwash that doesn’t contain a lot of alcohol as strong mouthwash can definitely dry your mouth up.

What worked for you?

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