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How to Get Rid of Ear Hair

Ear hair is something that we don’t discuss much but we know that we can see them all too much. It might be strange to hear someone talk about it especially in men, because they do care less about it. Where it comes from and why it exist remains unanswered to the public. However, most believe that it is hereditary. The following are the effective ways on how to get rid of ear hair:

Start with cutting ear hair using scissors

If the hairs in the ears are long enough to cut, scissors can be considered a good tool to start with. Before undergoing different ways to solve the problem, think first how sensitive your ears are. Removing the ear hair with your bare hands doesn’t even sounds good and can be very dangerous. You might just damage the ear canal or the eardrum. Cut the hair which is covering the ear lobe or hair that sticks out of the ear with intense care. You don’t want to end up getting those ears off your face.

Purchase an electric razor

There are cases where you can’t carefully handle a scissor, especially with unsteady hands; therefore, an electric tool will surely help. Add this to your personal grooming accessories.   Be sure to consider one that is friendly with the ears.  While most kits come with attachments that you can use, you will want to read into the packaging to ensure that it does.

Melt the ear hair away

There are a certain products in the market like Nair that will melt away unwanted hair. You should read and follow the directions in the sheet attached to the product in the box. It may sound easy but there sure hazards involved upon using this kind of product. The chemical should not go near the inner ear because it can damage your ear. Having a sensitive skin, you may react unfavorably with this kind of treatment. There are risks involved if you have sensitive skin but chemical hair removal has the potential to have a smoothest skin.

Consider depilatory creams

Before using this type of cream, make sure that your body doesn’t react funny to this.  Test a small area on your hand first.  As long as you don’t break out after a few minutes, you’ll simply want to rub this cream on a warm towel.  After the cream has been applied to the towel, rub in a circular motion outside of the ear.  What this cream is going to do is soften up the hair so that it can be removed with a razor.

Undergo laser hair removal

This is an expensive yet effective way of hair removal. When it comes to laser hair removal what goes to your skin to the follicles is not hazardous. The hair follicles are actually destroyed when it absorbs the laser light.  If going this route, be sure to consult with a few clinics in your area.  You’ll find that most of them will be more than happy to consult for free.

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