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How to Get Rid of Ear Itching

Physically our ear has a thin layer of natural oil. The oil is present to protect our ears from dirt, dust and insects from going inside. But have you ever had that feeling that the inner part of your ear itches too much that you just want to stick something inside to scratch it? One probable cause of that is either there is too much oil (or earwax) or too little oil that it has dried up. There are also other factors that can cause ear itching like allergic or seborrheic dermatitis, fungal infections and even psoriasis.

The ear is a very delicate part of our body that we really need to be very careful and take care of it properly. So whenever there is something unusual with your ear, don’t take it for granted and try to research about it right away. Here’s a few tip to help you:

Olive oil

Since one of the causes of ear itch is the sudden dryness, it is just right that you help it by dampening it a bit. When it stays dry, the ear canal tends to become irritated and eventually becomes itchy. Olive oil is the best and most natural lubricant that you can use. Get a cotton swab and apply a few drops of olive oil. With the damp swab, gently go through the inner part of your ear. Just a reminder, don’t go too far; maybe just a quarter of the inner ear. Gently go through the walls of the ear canal. If ever you don’t have olive oil available, baby oil or natural body oil will do.

Instead of a cotton swab, also consider using a small dropper.  Place two drops in your ear and tilt your head to the side.  You’ll want to do this to the other side as well.  After two to five minutes, dab the olive oil out with a cotton ball.  This solution isn’t for everyone so always make sure that you talk with your doctor first before proceeding.

Antihistamine medications

There are some people who have ear itch because of an underlying condition such as allergies. Allergens can cause itchiness in many parts of your body including your ear canal. Also, you might be wondering why this is possible as you have not experience this before. There is a thing called seasonal allergies wherein there is a certain time and a certain allergen that can cause this.  If this is the case, the only thing that could get rid of the itch is an over-the-counter antihistamine drug. It is usually a low-dosage that can relieve the itchiness.

Anti-fungal and antibacterial medication

Infection brought about bacteria and fungi are very common to swimmers. Number one is that the water gets trapped inside then hardens and causes irritation and itching. An anti-fungal medication can help fight of the fungal infection that is trapped inside. Also, a simple antibiotic like antiseptic drops can help you relieve the irritation and itching

Consult your doctor

One of the causes of ear itching is too much oil or ear wax. When this happens, you feel ear fullness and sometimes decreased hearing. The best way to get out from this problem is to get a doctor to extract the excess ear wax. Don’t try to use cotton swabs as they can push the ear wax further inside the ear.

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