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How to Get Rid of Ear Pressure

Ear pressure happens when there is a change in the pressure in the middle ear and the outside environment. When that happens, a build-up of negative pressure will start and develop in that location. We have that feeling of ear fullness and it seems like there is an air build up inside. Often times, it is accompanied by pain.

The most common cause of ear pressure is a change in barometric pressure. This is when we are in a high places or places that have different altitudes. This can happen when you are in airplanes, while climbing a mountain or when you are scuba diving. Too much earwax or build-up of earwax can also be a cause of ear pressure. Although this may be alarming on your part because there might be slight hearing loss, ear pressure can be relieved by simple remedies.


Yawning stimulates your ears with force and will help open up the affected tube (Eustachian tubes). This way, it will allow the pressure in the middle ear to somehow equalize with the pressure of the outside environment by expelling the build-up pressure inside. Just try to imagine that your sleepy or watch somebody yawning, you will yawn in not time.

Chewing gum

This is an effective remedy. Your jaw is directly connected to your inner ear so by chewing gum or any hard handy will cause continuous movements in the Eustachian tube that will eventually relieve the pressure. If you choose to chew a hard candy, make sure that it’s not big enough as it may strain your jaw.

Wax build-up

Ear pressure can commonly be caused due to wax build-up in the eras.  Consider using some sort of earwax cleaner that is on the market.  While a cotton swab may help, many experts recommend against it.  By cleaning the ears, not only will the pressure go away, it may cause you to hear better as well.


Ear pressure could be caused by something known as TMJ.  This is when the jaw joint swells up causing the ear to swell and have pressure.  If you think this may be the cause, it may be best to consult with a local dentist to see if this truly is the cause of the problem.

Paper towel and cup

You will need three items for this remedy: paper towels, a small cup and hot water. First, fold the paper towels in a size that would be enough to cover your ears. Then wet them with hot water that you can tolerate and place the wet paper towels over the affected ear. Sleep on your side—keeping the unaffected side on top. After that, put the small cup over the wet towels, covering your ear. What will happen is that the heat from the towel will force to open up any clogged tubes and eventually relieve your ear from pressure.

What worked for you?

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