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How to Get Rid of Echo on Skype

Skype is software that gives you the chance to connect to other people who use the skype too. It is a way of connecting to one person to another using internet connection. It is used by many and find it very useful and affordable. But how can you enjoy such technology if you are experiencing one of the most annoying things that are, hearing an echo when talking.

Hearing some echo using the Skype has been a long devastating issue. There have been assumptions, theories, explanation and ways to get rid of it. Let’s set the obvious, not every solution is applicable to everyone. You must be patient in trying every possible solution for this. It is a trial and error basis that will drive you insane.

Identify the problem

Identifying your problem is one key element to this problem. When you hear your own voice echoing, it’s not on your problem but theirs. The other way around also implies. If the one you are talking to can hear their voice echoing, then the problem is on you. Once you have identify who is causing the problem, time for some action.

Check your settings

There are many things that you have to consider. It will either be the setting of your Skype itself or the equipment that you are using. Just to be sure, here are some of the things that you have to check:

Echo canceller

Technology always has its ways. Since Skype has been receiving feedbacks on this, Skype now offers a built in echo canceller which detects and reduces echo during calls. It is advisable to update the latest version of Skype to enhance the sound quality and reduce those annoying echo. Also, you might want to consider to have Explorer 8 so that you are sure that the installation of updates are feasible.

What worked for you?

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