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How To Get Rid of Edema In Legs

Does it feel like your legs are quite heavy? Do you feel something painful emitting from them? Are your legs puffy and look bloated than usual? Well, all these are the most common sign of edema and if you are feeling one of these symptoms, which could be a sign that you may have edema on your legs. Edema can be described as fluid retention in your extremities that occur when you do not move around a lot. While not all that severe and life-threatening, edema can play a cruel prank on your body part it chose to stay in. If you are experiencing some signs of edema, particularly on your legs, here are some tips you can follow on how to get rid of edema in legs.

Keep on moving

For pregnant people, edema in the legs can be quite common and meddlesome. Unlike the pain it emits however, edema can be got rid of with some easy walking or proper amount of sodium. The one best thing that could get rid of edema and help your body stay fit is regular exercise.  While it is said that the common edema can be gotten rid of by moving about, regular walking exercise can also prevent it from coming back. However, if you already have edema in your legs, moving about can be quite painful as severe swellings may be felt even with small walks.

Get some water

Leg edemas however, may contradict with exercises, as the slightest movements may cause annoyance due to that swelling. On another note, try not to hurt yourself too much to avoid the plagued edema. Edema may also show itself when there is an inflammation anywhere in your body.  This case of edema occurs if the inflammation obstructs fluid clearance in your body. So where does the fluid go? Right back and usually into one spot, which obviously spells, edema. Drinking water or more commonly known as increased fluid intake will also help rid of edema. This is because extra water will increase the fluid circulation all over your body, thus preventing accumulation of excess fluid in one place of your body.

Use some leverage

One effective way to get rid of edema in legs is leverage. Maintain a dorsal recumbent position (meaning flat on your back, much like lying down) and elevate your feet and legs. Try to keep this for as long as you can and switch position if you get tired. This will allow all of that extra fluid to move back to the rest of your body and be distributed like all other components that help your body. Of course, if you want to prevent yourself on getting leg edemas, you can always exercise and move about. While moving, the fluid retention will occur to a minimal and keep your body well proportioned.

Nothing is more annoying than edema in both of your legs. Not only does it swell, it makes your whole legs look like a pig’s as well. It makes them ugly and horribly disfigured. Just follow these simple tips and in no time at all, you can say bye-bye to all of those excess fluid occupying your legs that make your legs look bloated and feel painful. Never stay in one spot for too long because that also spells edema. Always remember that water and exercise is your best friend.

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