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How To Get Rid of Edemas

Has that extra portion of your skin been bloating with water? Do you feel uncomfortable moving around because of a certain part of your body? These and more, could be a sign that you have edema.

What is Edema?

Edema is classified as an accumulation of fluid beneath the skin. Your skin turgor may be slow in the area where you have edema and when the said area is pinched or pressed, the skin moves back to its original proportion slower than normal. This may also be called as “pitting” edema.

There are many types of edema including this “pitting” edema and having any of these is very uncomfortable. It will bug you day and night until it is gone. An edema usually persists unless treated immediately. Edemas are more common in pregnant women because they hardly move around and excess fluid is easier to move in on one area of their body because of lack of moving. This, of course, can still happen to people even if they are not pregnant so no one is exempted from experiencing this painful condition. For ways to get rid of this annoying bag of fluid in you flesh, here are some tips, recommendations, and solutions to ditching that edema.

Drink a lot of fluid

First of all, drink plenty of fluids. Drinking water will help get rid of edema, but what will make it much more effective is adding salt to the water. Besides increasing fluid intake, you may just pinch a salt into your tongue rather than mix it with water. Edema can cause severe swelling and you will want it gone as soon as possible. This is just one way to get rid of edema.

Move your muscles and keep them in right position

Another way to get rid of edema is to never stay in one position for too long. Your body will get edema if you just lie on your back for 8-12 hours a day not counting the time you sleep. Exercise works both as a treatment and prevention of edema. Moving about a lot will help your body keep proportional and no excess fluid will gather in one place for too long. Fluid retentions in extremities as said before may cause a tremendous amount of pain. Just remember not to be too lazy. Walk around a lot. If you are napping or resting, do not stay in one position for too long. Elevate that area with the said edema and keep that elevated for as long as you can.

Have a relaxing bath or shower

Showering or bathing works wonders with edema as well. It can soothe your body leaving it more relaxed. It could also help you stay good-smelling.

All of these tips will help you ditch that fluid retention in your extremities before long. As long as you drink plenty of fluid and not fix yourself in one position, edema will completely ignore your body. Edema attacks muscles in the body which are not exercised so always try to stay fit. If not, a long time of swelling, pain, and severe annoyance awaits you in the form of edema. Once you learn how to get rid of it, learn how to keep it away. Your whole body will be glad that you did and your extremities will thank you for it. Just remember that the remedy lies in your willingness to not be lazy and move.

What worked for you?

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