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How to Get Rid of Eraser Marks

There is nothing more annoying than seeing pencil marks written all over your clean and pristine wall. The very first thing that you do is ask who done it and definitely no one will admit to writing on the wall. The second thing you do is to ask anyone to remove it from the wall and what removes pencil marks? Erasers, that’s what. Erasers can remove pencil marks but there are times that using them is not the best solution there is.

When you use erasers on a piece of paper, you will notice that there are marks left on the area that you used the erasers on. This is what you call eraser marks. Eraser marks may not look a big of a deal when taking it out from paper but on other surfaces it can be a pain to remove them. Eraser marks leave an ugly smudge on any surface it appears on and can ruin a perfectly good paint.

Eraser marks can even become more of an issue than the pencil marks that you are trying to remove in the first place. But you should not fret when eraser marks hit your wall, instead, you should keep reading and follow the instructions that will be provided to you as it can be a big help to remove the eraser marks from different surfaces:

Use a damp towel to soften the erasers marks

Nothing cleans like a damp towel. If you see an eraser mark on your wall, you should wipe it with a damp wet towel. Making the eraser mark wet can make it easier to remove. You should take note that wiping it with damp towel doesn’t mean that it will remove the eraser marks, what it does rather is prepare the wall for further cleaning. The washcloth should be rubbed against the wall in circular motion until you see that they are no longer visible. Dry the area with a piece of paper towel and remove any residue.

Eraser marks on white boards

Using a white board is a very convenient way to leave message to people. White boards are even becoming the more popular tool in teaching, moreover than blackboards. The reason is simple; whiteboards look cleaner and clearer in the hands since you don’t have to use chalk. Instead you use a whiteboard marker. The problem is when you erase a bunch of writing on the board that it leaves eraser marks all over it.

Here’s what you can do to keep the whiteboard white rather than a celebration of colors. Wipe every writing that you can take out of the board and use isopropyl alcohol on the remainder of the board. Anything that is not taken out by the eraser will be removed by the alcohol. Remember to let the board dry first (it will dry fast) before using it again for writing.

Use soap and water on hard to remove marks

If the wet towel trick didn’t work out for you, then you should use another method which involves using liquid soap and water. Liquid soap can make the eraser mark slippery and loose which will allow it to be scrubbed easily off the wall. Use a sponge to wipe the marks off of the surface and then use a rough sponge to lightly scrub the eraser marks until they disappear completely.

What worked for you?

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