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How To Get Rid of Eye Floaters

Do you sometimes experience having fuzzy vision? Does it feel like there are thin threads or tiny spots that are blacking your eyes and making what you see a bit hazy? These tiny little things that impair your vision are most likely eye floaters. Eye floaters may seem just like a foreign object that entered your eyes, but actually, these eye floaters are little specks that are floating in the vitreous fluid which is within the eyeball.

Majority of the people will usually experience eye floaters. It is not usually dangerous. However, it is still the best if you get rid of eye floaters. Here are some tips that you can follow.

Leave them alone

Eye floaters usually just go away by themselves. If you do not pay attention to eye floaters, you might not even notice them around. Unless your eyes seem to be impaired with lots of eye floaters, then just leave them alone and wait until they escape from your eye vision.

Avoid staring at bright scenes

Plain, bright scenery can hurt your eyes and make those eye floaters present. As much as possible, do not look at bright sceneries if not necessary. If needed, you should at least protect your eyes with dark sunglasses. This will not just help you avoid eye floaters, but it will also protect your eyes in general.

Talk to an eye doctor

If you are getting worried about your eyes because of too many eye floaters, you can talk to an eye doctor about it. Have him explain to you the reason behind the occurrences of eye floaters. He might also be able to give you some more helpful tips to avoid getting eye floaters. And the best thing about having a consultation is that your eyes will be diagnosed properly. While eye floaters are generally not harmful, at times, it might be associated with more serious eye conditions.

Undergo vitrectomy

Vitrectomy is one of the surgical procedures that you can opt to undergo in order to get rid of too much eye floaters. In vitrectomy, the vitreous or the jelly-like fluid in the eye is being removed or lessened. It removes the vitreous fluid that causes the clouding of the eyes. Vitrectomy can be a daunting process but it will help you see more clearly and get rid of clouding of the eyes that might be due to formations of eye floaters. However, some vitrectomy procedures may lead to cataract that will most likely resurface a couple of years after the surgery. Most doctors do not really suggest this treatment because of the risk.

Undergo laser treatment

There is also an alternative laser treatment to get rid of eye floaters. This treatment usually just lasts within a couple of minutes. It is quick and less painful, but it can be really costly. Moreover, there are not much doctors who can administer this surgery. If you want more possible alternative treatment that can be done, you could ask help from your doctor.

Keep your eyes healthy

Eye floaters cannot really be prevented completely, but you can minimize the disturbance that it might give you if you keep your eyes healthy. That means that you should always eat healthy foods that are friendly to the eyes like vegetables and fruits. You should also give your eyes the rest that it needs. Avoid straining it and if you feel something wrong with your eyes, consult a doctor right away.

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