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How to Get Rid of Fabric Balls

Fabric balls that build up on your clothing are called lint balls. They are usually a result of frequent washing plus the not-so-good quality of the cloth. The cloth itself forms tiny fabric balls and it not just one ball but you can see it all over. It is very frustrating as it can make the cloth look old and it’s rough to touch.

The bad news is that if you try to pull them one by one, there will be two possible problems. One is that the cloth may be ruined and second is that it will be time consuming. Some may even consider to just throw them away which is not the best choice and a total waste of money. Luckily, there are a couple of ways that you can try to get rid of the millions of lint balls on your favourite shirt, sweater or bed sheet.

Blade razor

First and the simplest trick is to shave them off (yes, shave ‘em!). However, you have to be very careful with this process. One wrong move can damage the cloth and that would be a bigger mess. What you want to do is to hold the razor at a certain angle in which the blade will skim the surface of the fabric. That way, the blade won’t go any further down and cut the clothing. Also, make sure that you keep a steady surface to work on so that no any accidents will happen. This may take a while but it would surprise you with the result.

Masking Tape

Now this is a very easy and fun process that even kids could help you do it. The only thing that you would be needing is a good kind of masking tape—the kind that would actually stick. All you have to do is to get a piece of masking tape and using the sticky side, press it on the cloth with lint balls then pull it out. You will then see that there are lint balls that are now stuck to the tape. Just keep doing the process until you get all the balls off. You may need to replace the tape with new ones if you can see that the lint balls are covering the tape already. This is a very economical and easy task and very effective.

Lint shaver

As shock as you are upon reading this, I am going to say it straight… YES, there is an official lint shaver. It is uniquely designed to get rid of lint balls from any type of clothes. It is a battery operated device that looks just like an electric razor. All you have to do is to turn it on and glide it over the surface of the cloth. Again, make sure that you don’t press the shaver too much as it may damage the cloth. Also, according to some who already tried this, the effectiveness of this lint shaver depends on the type of cloth that you are shaving. It works very well with sweaters.

What worked for you?

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