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How to Get Rid of Facial Hair

Facial hair can be very sexy on men—makes them more strong-looking and tough. However facial hair on women? Not so sexy. A woman’s face needs to be flawless and clear and no hair is going to be an asset. This is very common when girls/women hit their puberty, pregnancy and menopause. This is because these are the moments where there is a sudden change in their hormones thus unwanted hair grown on unwanted places like the face.

When you do think and feel that the facial hair becomes annoying, don’t worry. There are ways on how to get rid of them. Now, you don’t have to do them all, just choose the one that fits you and stick with that. After doing any of these, say goodbye to your facial hair.


Now, you might be thinking that shaving your facial hair will just makes the hair grow darker and thicker. Well, you got that wrong—it’s just nothing but a good old myth. What makes your facial hair look darker and thicker are only the tips of the newly cut hair. It just looks that way when it’s still newly cut is that the tip becomes flat. So, after setting those aside; go ahead and shave them off. The only downside to this tip is that you have to constantly shave it when you see them grow back. After that, apply your preferred moisturizer to keep that part.

Pumice Stone

This is a very natural way and you can be sure that your hair won’t be harmed. However, this process may take a while before you can see the results. With a pumice stone, gently rub it over the places where there are facial hairs. It would eventually stop the hair growth and then they will fall off.

Consider bleaching your hair

Many women are afraid that if they shave their hair, it’s going to grow back thicker and stronger than ever.  If you don’t want to take that risk, or have a rough patch a few days later, a bleaching kit may be the solution.  A bleaching kit is going to bleach the hair so that it blends in with the skin.  This is a very effective method to consider and should only cost around $10 to $15.

Over the counter products

Products such as Nair and Nads are creams that can help get rid of unwanted hair.  Keep in mind that some of the creams can work, but they can leave nasty rashes afterwards, as well as a burning sensation.  It’s always best to try a little spot of hair first to see the results before proceeding.

Gram Flour

All you have to do is to make a paste out of gram flour and water. Afterwards, add a pinch of turmeric powder. Spread the paste all over your face and let it completely dry. After a good 7-10 minutes, you will see that it would be like a mask. Scrape it off by rubbing it going to the opposite direction of hair growth. You may have to rub it a little harder so that it will come off. You will notice that the hair will be off as you are rubbing the mask off. Lastly, wash your face thoroughly and pat it dry.


This is a very hard process as this is very painful especially on your face where there are a lot of nerve endings that can cause pain. However, it is very effective. You can purchase a waxing kit and do it at home or go to a salon or beauty shop to ask assistance from the experts. Also, you may have to do this every month or every other month as your facial hair will grow back.

Consider Electrolysis

Did you know that Electrolysis is one of the only FDA and AMA approved methods to get hair removed permanently?  During this process, a small needle will be inserted where the hair follicle is present.  Once the small needed is inserted, it will be removed both thermally and chemically.  This is a great procedure to consider if considering a professional option.

Consider threading

Threading is an ancient method that was used in Egypt.  Threading is when  two pieces of thread are used to pluck the hair from the root, very similar to tweezing but less painful.    While this isn’t going to get rid of your hair permanently,  it can work for up to two months.  Most salons will offer this service for as little as $20.

What worked for you?

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