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How to Get Rid of Fake Nails

HowHaving your nails done has become part of a regular routine for most of the girls. However, there are some instances that timing isn’t really at your side. Maybe at one point, your nails aren’t the right length—waiting for you nails to grow the wanted length could be waiting for a couple of weeks. This is exactly how fake nails became known to us. They are called acrylic nails. They are artificial nails that can create an illusion of having those long and perfect shaped nails.

Acrylic nails are hard to put on just as it is hard to remove. Patience is the key to successfully remove those fake nails. Here are a couple of tips that you can use to help you get rid of your acrylic nails.

Soak them

First you have to purchase a professional acrylic removal kit or just plain old polish remover. Then prepare you working space—it must be somewhere you can be comfortable at for about 15 to 20 minutes. Lay out a couple of newspaper on your space to prevent spills. Also, have a couple of towels, a hand moisturizer and a nail buffer. Start off with trimming your nails as short as possible to make this easy. Next is to apply petroleum jelly around your fingers to prevent them from drying out. After that, pour all the contents of the nail polish remover in a bowl. You can put it first inside the microwave to warm it up a bit—this would make things faster. Soak your acrylic nails in the warm nail polish remover for 15 to 20 minutes. You can now observe that the fake nails are chipping off from your real nails. Don’t force them by removing it manually. Just continue doing the process until all of them are chipped off.

Cotton balls

After trimming your nails and applying petroleum jelly to your nails, prepare the following: aluminium foil or plastic wrap, 10 pieces of small cotton balls, acetone, orange stick and hand moisturizer. Take the foil or plastic wrap and cut 10 little squares. The squares should be enough to cover the tips of your fingers. After that, take one cotton ball and dip it into the acetone then put it on top of your nail. With the aluminium or plastic wrap, gently secure the soaked cotton ball in place. Do this method with all of your nails and leave them there for a good 20 minutes. Remove them the wraps and the cotton balls one at a time. With your orange stick, gently push the acrylic off the nail. If it doesn’t come off easily, put back the cotton ball and wrap it again for another 5 minutes. After you have remover all of these, read and follow the aftercare below.

Aftercare: wash your hands many times until all there is no acetone left in your fingertips. Next is to moisturize by applying your preferred hand moisturizer. Then smoothen up your nails with a nail buffer as your nails will really be very rough after this. After a few days of this aftercare, your nails will be as good as before.


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