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How to Get Rid of Fall Leaves

You’ll definitely know when its fall season as golden shade of brown leaves starts to show. The atmosphere is starting to turn chilly and it seems like everything gives that certain lazy air. Makes you want to just stay at home, relax and do nothing. Just when the time when you think that you can do that, you suddenly see that your front lawn has a few fall leaves. You leave it behind and think that it looks rather pretty. Then after a couple of days, you see that your lawn is completely covered with leaves. Now, that’s the time that you have to breath out that lazy air and bring in the big guns—strong and tough muscles to get rid of them.

Getting rid of these seemingly endless leaves is really a tough and challenging job. You may have to call on your troops for a little moral support and a lot of physical help. Here are some tips for you to get rid of fall leaves:

Rake them down

There is nothing better than a good old rake. It is perfectly designed to sweep of leaves with ease. Now, this might take longer if you have a bigger area to clear up so you can make this a fun family activity. When you feel the fun in cleaning, you won’t feel tired easily. If you are about to buy a rake in your nearest hardware store or the farm equipment supply store, make sure you spend your money on a rake that is handy and comfortable to use. Make sure to choose the one with steel finger instead of bamboo-fingered ones. It may be more pricy but you are sure that it won’t break easily. If you prefer a less expensive one, a plastic rake would be a close second.

Compost pile

A compost pile is simply a mixture of organic matter like leaves, fruit peelings or waste that are gathered to decay which will be used as fertilizers. When you opt to do this one, prepare a shredder as it will be easier and more effective that way. When you shred the leaves they will decompose faster, the very great thing about composting is that the leaves will have a purpose instead of just throwing them away which could be messy at times. This is really perfect especially for those who are maintaining a garden. If you don’t have one, you can sell it to your neighbors who have.

Leaf blower

This is a device that is engine-power. From the word itself, you can use this to blow away the leaves. However, nowadays, there are leaf blowers that have the ability to suck in leaves just like vacuum cleaners. Also, some can crush them so they can be ready for composting right away. Just read the manual properly before use. Lastly, you may want to ask permission from your nearby neighbors as leaf blowers can be very noisy because of it’s engine.

Hire the professionals

We all have busy lives and if you’re finding that you just can’t keep up with your yard work, you may want to hire in the pros.  Depending on the size of your yard, professionals will be more than happy to come in and clean it up.  If you can’t afford the professionals, even consider hiring younger children to come in and clean them.  Use sites such as to find the lowest quotes in your area.

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