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How to Get Rid of Fang Teeth

Fang teeth are described as teeth having relatively long and pointed teeth. They are said to be the largest teeth in a mammal. Humans and dogs can possess this kind of teeth especially canines. An individual having fang teeth is not affected when he or she is still young but as you get older it will become an issue. I am pretty sure that a person having fang teeth will likely want to get rid of it because of a fear to be categorized as a vampire. These are the easy guides on how to get rid of fang teeth:

Consult your dentist of choice

It is important to consult your dentist regarding your long and sharp teeth. Ask the dentist to soften the sharp part. The dentist will then put some topical anesthetic and then grind the sharp edges of the teeth. The process will take long but eventually your teeth will be even with the rest. If the desired output is not met then the dentist can suggest like having caps or crowns that will make the teeth looks natural and have a round appearance.

Use desired designed braces

According to a person who experienced having a fang teeth, he had braces for three months and they’re now gone. But cases vary from person to person, the success rates of bracing the teeth depends on factors like the size of the fang or the alignment of the teeth.

Ask the dentist for veneers

Veneers is said to make your fang teeth appears less pointy. They are described as thin covering being applied on teeth to enhance their appearance.  Your prices are going to vary, so be sure to call up the dentist.  The office will be more than happy to consult with you on what the price tag is more than likely going to be for you.

Maybe it is inborn, or perhaps you just did not make use of the proper type of glue for a vampire costume one Halloween, yet you now have no choice but to live with the sharp canine teeth, your vampire teeth. The young pubescent you would not get over burdened by it, but as you mature and would may long to lock lips with a loved one not having to wound their lips, these teeth turns into a problem.

Veneers have long been known to make your vampire teeth seem less spiky. They are wafer-thin laminates or casings of tooth-colored substance. They are affixed to the outer shell of teeth to enhance their cosmetic look. A lot of dentists use the analogy that dental veneers are for your teeth what false eyelashes are for your eyes.

Have the fang teeth bonded

The teeth will be bonded by the dentist by creating a resin to fill in gaps, tooth discoloration and chips. This procedure helps reduce the appearance of pointy fang teeth.

Regular dental check-up to monitor the progress

It is recommended to visit the dentist at least twice a year to check on the status of your fang teeth if there are some improvements on the cosmetic procedure being made on the patient.

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